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Parent & Family Experience - Welcome to CSN!

At CSN, our goal is to partner with parents and families to support the overall success of their students attending CSN! For new students, the first-year experience begins with the CSN "First Steps" (orientation, placement testing, advising) and then enrollment into classes. In addition to the CSN First Steps, our goal is to connect your student to the CSN community for a positive and successful transition and experience! The FYE can offer a personalized experience for your student to ensure overall student success in the first year!

YOU are an important part of your student's success! The focus for CSN is to provide families and students a network of information, support, and resources to aid in the successful completion of the first year working toward graduation and prosperity. Connect to us and your student's experience at CSN - your role is so important.

FYE Connection Award Promo

FYE Connection Award

The FYE Team is pleased to announce the FYE Connection Award, made possible through the generous funding of the Spirit of CSN Award and the CSN Foundation. The FYE Connection Award is designed to help new CSN students get connected to campus and the First Year Experience. The Award is a $250 bookstore voucher to be raffled to 40 students who attended the New Student Coyote Convocation event in August and will now attend at least one additional FYE event (each additional FYE event will earn students another entry into the final drawing, with a maximum of 10 entries). The drawing for winners will take place after the First 100 Days Celebration in December and bookstore vouchers will be available for award winners to use in the Spring 2021 semester.

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The sections below provide helpful information for your student’s experience and opportunities for parents and families to get connected and stay connected along the way - please join us in supporting your student's FYE and success at CSN!

For any questions, please contact the First-Year Experience (FYE) and Student Success Initiatives Office at 702-651-2727 or at Contact Us.

Picture of students in a new student club meeting

The New Coyote Crew Club (NCCC) - encourage your student to join today!

Picture of students at new student meet and greet event

Students attending a meet & greet event!

Picture of CSN President talking to a student at an event

Dr. Z, President of CSN, connecting with students!

Monthly Family & Parent Networking Meetings - get to know CSN and campus resources to support your student's success! If interested, please email Dr. Violanti at Contact Us for more information.

A closed Facebook group for families & parents to ask questions and receive information and updates. Request to join here: Family & Parent Closed Facebook Group

A monthly newsletter for families & parents who self-select to an email list! If interested please send your name and email to Dr. Violanti at Contact Us.

For the most current information regarding the recruitment process at CSN, visit

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal law that protects the privacy of student records. Protected information includes, but is not limited to grades, class schedules, attendance, financial information, health/counseling, and disciplinary records.  CSN may release information to third parties (i.e. you the parent or other) with prior written consent from the student.  If your student wishes to grant permission to access their educational records, the student must complete the FERPA Release form.

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Twitter: @FYECSN1

Facebook Page: FYE and Student Success – CSN

Facebook Messenger: Doc Violanti

Instagram: fye.csn

A closed Facebook group for families & parents to ask questions and receive information and updates. Request to join here: Family & Parent Closed Facebook Group

When each new student begins their CSN experience, they can connect with another CSN student - an FYE PEER LEADER - who is trained to help new students transition into life in college and at CSN!

FYE Peer Leaders strive to build a mentoring relationship with new students, serving as a support system here at CSN.

The FYE Peer Leaders provide an insider track to the community, share the plethora of resources available, and connect new students to answers they may need in the first year and beyond.

If your student is interested in connecting with an FYE Peer Leader, please contact the FYE Office at 702-651-2727 or email us at Contact Us.

FYE "On the Move": Students can meet with FYE to check-in Virtually/Online!

Students First Stations are available VIRTUALLY/ONLINE: Students can connect with a “Coyote Concierge" DAILY with any questions you may have! Students can email FYE at Contact Us for more info on how to set up an appointment!

FYE Office "CHAT" Online in FB Messenger (Doc Violanti) - we are here to answer your questions!

Families and students can access a master list of campus resources Resources for Student Success - please contact the FYE Office with any questions!

Check out the Student Life & Leadership Development Office to get involved on campus and in the community!

Check out CSN's NEW Student Unions on all three campuses! Great food, a place to connect with other students, a place to study or relax between classes & more!

A resource to be aware of in the Student Union on each campus: The Coyote Cupboard is now open and ready to be utilized by current CSN students. The Coyote Cupboards' Food Pantries are located in each Student Union - Room #115. Students should first stop by the student government office to sign in before using the cupboard. The current hours of the food pantry are from 10 am-4 pm - Monday through Friday.

A reminder for families & parents on the following campus resources important for success at the college level:

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Career & Transfer Services

Disability Resources Center

Centers for Academic Success

And MORE! Contact the FYE & Student Success Initiatives Office if you and your student have questions about specific campus resources!

For any questions, please contact the First-Year Experience (FYE) and Student Success Initiatives Office at 702-651-2727 or at Contact Us.

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