Current Issue:
Spring 2020
Issue Forty-Four

Red Rock Review cover graphic, Spring 2020, Issue 44


J. T. Townley
     Magic Carpet Ride
Alice Hatcher
     Familiarity Breeds Forgiveness
Seth Taylor
     A New Man
Garrett Ashley
     My Grandfather Ran Off to the Woods

Jeremy Broyles
     Amado Zuniga's Apocalypse Box



Alyssa Beckitt
     The Mojave on Operating Table #8
Cecil Morris
     Consider This Melon
Roy Bentley
     The Day The Chrysler Fell on Him

      Adultery in a Time of Mass Shootings
Jeremy Gregersen
     Sistine Notebooks: Suicide of Razis

     Sistine Notebooks: Alexander Before the High Priest
Zebulon Huset
     In a Box of Old Books
Chila Woychik
     If You Think Grieving is Easy, You've Never Learned to Knit
John Davis
     Tenses: Future

     Present Verb Tense
Riam Griswold
Susan Ayres
     My Imagination, My Knocking Heart
John Hitchcock
Frank De Canio
     Wham! Bam! Thank You Ma'am!