Current Issue:
Spring 2019
Issue Forty-Two

Red Rock Review cover graphic, Spring 2019, Issue 42Fiction

Keri Korteling
DovBer Naiditch
Nonyelum Ekwepu
     Someday The Sun Will Shine, But Not Today
Joshua Alan Dick
     La Guitarra
Philip Jason
     Artist, with Laughter, Sees the Painted World
Ingrid L. Taylor
     Ghost Games
H. Lee Barnes
     excerpt from The Mind Is Its Own Place



Jacob Blevins
     To Prevent Infection
     When They Dance

Nancy Takacs
     God, in the Garden,
Mark Smith
William Doreski
     A Couple Handfuls of Feed
Cecil Morris
     this is not and yet it is
     Her Forest

Susan E. Gunter
     Desert Sestina
Robert Karaszi
     On Hold

Ronda Redmond
     Watching People's Children at the Beach
J.A. Bernstein
     Michigan, Dusk
John Brugaletta
     There's No Place Like Home