Current Issue:
Spring 2021
Issue Forty-Six

Red Rock Review cover graphic, Spring 2021, Issue 46, portrait of a woman in green

Table of Contents


Andrew David MacDonald
Excellent Breeding
Lis Anna-Langston
(S)hero of Shahkoka Lake
Keith Proctor
Two Tumblers
Moss Ingram
Bergita Bugarija
Elissa Matthews
Saint Cecelia of Paramus
Denise S. Robbins


Karin Aurino
Topics Over Time with You
Cyan James  
Traveling in slow pieces from the north
Heather Quarles  
Fall on Repeat
Isaac George Lauritsen  
Gigantic Agrarian
Yan An  
translated by Chen Du & Xisheng Chen  
Snow-Chasing Girl
Yan An  
translated by Chen Du & Xisheng Chen  
Girl Coerced Into a Snowy Night and Its Vacancy by a Dream

Yan An  
translated by Chen Du & Xisheng Chen  
Yan An  
translated by Chen Du & Xisheng Chen  
Ellen White Rook  
The Empty Ruby Universe
Elizabeth Christine Pope  
The Return
Jason Abbate  
Flight School for Sons & Daughters
Andrew Miller  
The Children of Boutades
Luisa Govela  
Malinalli Poems I-V
translated by Kate Kingston  
Malinalli Poems I-V
Nicholas McCarthy  
Last Wish
Michael Walls  
Birthday #76
Rachel Fiske Reynolds  
No One Is As Mean To Me As Me
Ken Holland  
Hurdy Gurdy
Madison Rahner  
Love as Desert Mountain
Dorsía Smith Silva  
Before Hurricane Isaías

Russell Rowland  
Moving Heaven and Earth

Anne Babson  
August Bunker
Purbasha Roy  
Balancing the universe around us


John Ziebell
Because the Light Will Not Forgive Me
by Shaun T. Griffin

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