Current Issue:
Fall 2020
Issue Forty-Five

Red Rock Review cover graphic, Fall 2020, Issue 45, portrait of a woman in green


Table of Contents 


Adam Hoss
     The Last Duchess of Buffalo
Lisa Boylan
     Retrograde Cluster
Mohammed Hidhayat
     The Valley
D. G.

Robert McGuill
     Rocky Mountain Sweetheart Murder Ballad

H. Lee Barnes


Matthew J. Andrews
     Mental Checklist While Running

David M. Alper
     Central Park Tempest (or, Miranda's Empowerment)
David Ricchiute

     When the Time Came

Michelle Rosquillo

      Postcards from the Blue Ridge, Burning


Ellis Purdie

Verónica González Arredondo
     Señas Particulares

     Cadáver Textual

translated by Allison A. deFresse

     Distinguishing Features

     Textual Cadaver

Kevin LeMaster
     The Body's Thanksgiving
Stephen Ground
     The Birds Are Louder
Lori Lamothe
     Wounded Deer
Jordan Osborne
     a history of rabbits
Alyse Knorr
     Wolf Tours: Day Three

     Wolf Tours: Final Day

Bryana Joy

     Belen Köy

John T. Howard

     The Trees of North America (Black Locust)

Tyrel Kessinger

     The Guitar Sobbing, Awaking From Her Dream

Marc Meierkort

   Grand Canyon