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If you are a first-time CSN student you need to be admitted before you can enroll in classes (view steps on Future Students). If it has been more than two years since you took a CSN class, you will need to reapply via MyCSN. Continuing students use MyCSN to enroll in classes. Check your MyCSN Student Center for registration times and fee payment dates.

Upcoming Registration Dates

April 1 - April 20 Summer Priority Registration
April 21
Summer Semester Open Registration
May 1 - May 20 Fall Priority Registration
May 13  - Payment Due for Summer Classes by 11:59 p.m.
May 21 Fall Semester Open Registration
June 2 - Final Day to Enroll for Regular 10-Week, 4-Week 1st, 6-Week  and 8-Week Sessions


You may add classes anytime during the published registration period. Late starting classes may be added using MyCSN until the published start date of the class. Written permission of the division offering the class is required to add any class after the registration period or after the start day of the class. If you add classes or register late, you become immediately responsible for the fees for these classes and should be aware that you may not be eligible for any refunds if you drop from these classes.

If you wish to enroll in a class for no credit, you may register as an auditor. An auditor pays regular fees and at the discretion of the instructor may be asked to meet all class requirements. If you audit, you do not receive a grade or credit for the course.

You may use MyCSN to drop classes, please refer to the Catalog/Schedule/Calendar web page for all registration deadlines. Short-term and intensive classes must be dropped before the published last day of the class. Unless the class is officially dropped, you are responsible for the fees and the instructor may assign a failing grade. It is important that you verify the accuracy of your enrollment schedule and fees due any time a change is made. For more information see the tuition refund policy.

Students have the responsibility for withdrawals. With some administrative exceptions, students must initiate course withdrawals. This creates consistency for students across CSN programs, and reflects the new NSHE completion agenda.

  • Students may withdraw from a course with a grade of W during the first 60% of a session, measured by time, not assignments
  • Students with documented exceptional circumstances may follow the grade change process to request a grade change to W after the 60% deadline

The wait list feature in the registration system allows students to place themselves in line to enroll in a closed class (maximum enrollment reached) as seats become available. This tool is designed to give students a chance to get into closed classes. It is not intended to assist students in getting a "preferred" schedule. Click here for instructions on how to place yourself on a wait list.

Students are placed on the waitlist in the order in which they requested to wait list the class. The first person to submit a wait list request will be in the top position. When a seat in the class becomes available, the registration system will fill the opening with the first student on the wait list who meets all requirements for the class.

Students are moved from the wait list to enrolled status when:

  • Space is available in the class
  • Class prerequisites are satisfied
  • Times conflicts are resolved between a wait listed class and a class already enrolled in
  • Not already enrolled in another section of the same course

Students are responsible for monitoring their active wait list requests.  Click here for instructions on how to view your wait list position number.

The wait list process runs until the end of late registration.  At that time, all unsatisfied wait list requests will expire.  Students should check the term calendar to determine the last day of late registration.

How the wait list works:

  • If a class is closed, you may register yourself on the wait list anytime on or after your registration appointment time.
  • When enrolled in a class from the wait list, students will be notified via their MyCSN preferred e-mail address.
    • Students will then have 24 hours from the time the notification is sent to pay for the class or they will be dropped from the wait list and the next student on the wait list will be notified.
  • Wait list notifications are sent out four (4) times a day, seven (7) days a week including holidays until the last day of late registration.
  • If you are on a wait list, be sure to check for a notification at least twice a day (morning and evening).
  • Drop for non-payment applies to all classes, including wait list classes.  If you are dropped for non-payment, wait list classes will be dropped.
  • If you are dropped from the wait list, you may add yourself back onto the wait list.
    • You will be added to the bottom of the wait list when you re-add your name to the list.


  • Being on a wait list does not guarantee eventual enrollment in a course.
  • Students may be registered for a maximum of six (6) semester hours on wait lists.
  • Wait list units do not count toward your max number of units allowed.
  • If you are moved from the wait list into a class, it is your responsibility to drop the class (as you would any enrolled class) if you decide to not attend.
  • If you do not receive a wait list notification by the time the semester begins, do not show up to any classes that you are on the wait list for.
  • If a student is participating in the payment plan and is enrolled in a class from the wait list, the additional charges that are due from enrollment from the wait list will be rolled over into the payment plan.  For further information, please contact the Cashier Office.


Q1. Can I wait list in another section of a course for which I am already enrolled?

A1. Yes, but you will not be enrolled when a seat becomes available. You can either drop the section you’re enrolled in and wait list yourself for a different section in the hope that a seat becomes available, or remain enrolled in the section that already exists on your schedule.

Q2. If I wait list in 2 or more sections of a course and then I am subsequently enrolled into one of them by the wait list process, will I be dropped from the wait list of those other sections?

A2. No, you will need to drop yourself from the other wait list class by following the instructions posted here.

Q3. Can I wait list for a restricted course?

A3. Yes, but only if you obtain a permission number from the department or instructor first.

Q4. Does the wait list process check requisites?

A4. Yes, so you can wait list for a class when you’ve met prerequisites.

Q5. Can I wait list for a class that has a time conflict with a class I am already enrolled in?

A5. Yes, however, you will not be moved from wait listed to enrolled status until you clear the conflict from your schedule.

Q6. Wait list is available, but the wait list check box is missing. Why?

A6. The wait list option does not display when the wait list capacity is full or the class is restricted to students in cohorted courses (contact the department offering the course if you’re not sure).

Q7. Will I be notified when my wait list status changes?

A7. Yes, you will receive an email to your MyCSN preferred email address confirming enrollment.

Q8. I forgot my wait list position number. Where can I find it?

A8. Click here for instructions on how to view your wait list position number.

Q9. Why is the class closed when it has available seats?

A9. Give it some time. When the wait list process enrolls the next eligible student (highest on the list) into the class, the status of available seats will be updated. Your wait list position number will also improve.

Q10. Will I have to pay tuition fees for wait listed classes?

A10. No. However, when your wait list status changes to enrolled and your additional units result in higher tuition fees, you will be charged. You are responsible for paying tuition and other fees by the due date. You will receive an email, so check your student account summary to avoid being dis-enrolled from classes.

If you drop a class, the amount of tuition refunded is based on dates of the semester for full-term classes and the number of times the class has met for summer and intensive classes. Refunds are not based on the attendance of a particular student. For more information see the tuition refund policy. Students seeking a refund may begin the process by filling out the Student Appeals Petition Request and returning the form to the Office of the Registrar with the required documentation.

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