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The Cashier's Office provides a number of services including cashiering, fee assessment, collections, and refunds. If you are requesting to pick up any documentation, a valid photo ID must be presented at the time of pick-up.

Questions regarding financial aid disbursements must be addressed to the Financial Aid Office. Financial aid refunds are processed after the disbursements are completed by the Financial Aid Office.  Please see the Student Refunds tab for information regarding the refund process.

Important Fee Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign into the Coyote Queue for the Cashier’s Office?

Yes, please sign into the queue for any reason, even if it is just to ask a question. It may not seem like anyone is in line when no one is at the window, but that is because they are waiting in the lobby to receive a text or watching the TV screens for their name to come up.

What forms of payment does the Cashier’s Office accept?

We accept cash or check only for the current semester’s tuition and ID cards. If you want to pay with credit card you will have to pay online through your MyCSN student center.

Where is my refund?
  • It may take up to four weeks from the start of the semester to receive non-financial aid refunds.
  • It may take up to ten business days to process financial aid refunds after the Financial Aid Office completes the disbursement of aid to the student account. Questions regarding financial aid disbursements must be addressed to the Financial Aid Office.
How come I still have a balance on my account after my Financial Aid was applied? There should’ve been enough to cover the entire balance.

There could be several answers which will be determined after checking the student account:

  • The amount of financial aid applied to your account was not enough to cover your entire balance or you are registered in classes not in your degree plan. The amount of your anticipated aid can change up until the time of disbursement. If you have any questions concerning the amount of financial aid applied to your account, please speak to the Financial Aid Department directly.
  • The fees that remain on your account are from non-Financial Aid Eligible charges, such as Application Fee, New Student Fee, Payment Plan Fee or Late Fees. These fees must be paid out of pocket.
How do I sign up for the Payment Plan?

Payment plans are available for Fall and Spring semesters if you are enrolled in at least 6 credits and for Summer semester if you are enrolled in at least 3 credits.

  • There is a $10.00 non-refundable fee charged upon enrollment into the payment plan.
  • To sign up for the Payment Plan log into your MyCSN student center.
  • Locate the drop down menu in the Finance Section labeled “Other Financial”.
  • Select the “Enroll in Payment Plan”.
  • If you agree to the terms and conditions, check the box and complete the process.
I am not going to be able to make my 2nd month’s installment on time, will I be dropped from my classes?

No, if you made your first month’s installment in full your classes were held. A penalty fee of 10 percent (minimum of $10) will be charged per installment not paid by the due date on each installment thereafter. If you decide not to attend, it is your responsibility to drop classes by the refund deadline.

Can my penalty fees be waived? My financial aid was approved so I didn’t need to make any more payments.

No, penalty fees on the payment plan cannot be waived. When you enrolled into the plan, you agreed to all the terms and conditions of the payment plan which included penalty fees if the 2nd, 3rd or 4th payments were not made on time or for the full amount.

If you enroll in the payment plan and are waiting for financial aid to be applied to your account, it is your responsibility to continue making payments until the aid is applied. If the financial aid is sufficient to cover the entire remaining balance, then you would have no further payments. If the aid is not enough to cover the entire remaining balance, it is your responsibility to verify what installments remain on your account and pay them by the specified dates.

I withdrew from all of my classes, but why do I still have a balance?

There may be several reasons:

  • You owe for non-refundable fees (ex: $10 payment plan fee, $20 application fee, $20 new student fee).
  • You dropped after the refund dates. Please see the dates and deadlines on the current semester catalog.
  • If you received financial aid, adjustments may have been made to your aid.
  • For detailed information please log into your MyCSN account to view your charges.
I have a past due balance; can I get on a payment plan? If I am making payments will that prevent me from going to collections?

There are no payment plans for past due balances. You can pay on the balance as often as you can, but until it is paid in full the hold will remain on your account and you will not be able to enroll in classes or order transcripts. Additionally, making payments on a past due balance will not prevent it from going to collections.

Why was I withdrawn from my classes?

Failure to pay by the due date can result in your withdrawal from all classes. Be sure to check the dates and deadlines on the current semester catalog to prevent missing the semester due date. If you sign up for the payment plan you must pay the first installment in full by the due date to secure your classes. Enrolling in a payment plan without making the full payment will not protect your classes from enrollment cancellation. If you are expecting Financial Aid, make sure your file is completed, and you are in good standing. If you have questions regarding your Financial Aid, please contact the Financial Aid Department at 702-651-4303.

I was sent to collections and have now paid the debt in full, can you have the collection information removed from my credit report?

We cannot remove the collection information from your credit report. If you have paid your balance, the information will remain on your credit report, however, it will show that you have paid the debt in full.

How do I get my student ID?

You must be enrolled in credited courses for the current semester. The current rate is $2.00 (cash or check at the Cashier’s office window or you can pay online with a card). If you come to the Cashier’s Office, please have a Government or State issued ID ready. We will print out your schedule and a receipt that you will take to Student Government. They will take your picture and print out your card.

I need to purchase Official Transcripts; do I do that at the Registrar’s Office or Cashier’s Office?

If the institution you are requesting transcripts for is another NSHE institution, the Office of the Registrar can handle that for you free of charge. If you are requesting them for an institution outside of NSHE, having them mailed to your own address, or picking them up, you would pay for them at the Cashier’s Office. The current rate is $4.00 per copy, and we can accept Cash, Check or Card. Please visit the Transcript Information page for further questions.

Our Staff

Our Staff
Cashier's Office Administration

Susan Kopacz
Director of Student Accounts
Charleston, North Las Vegas & Henderson Campus

Dominique Estrada
Assistant Director - Cashiering & Student Accounts

Stephani Bateman
Program Manager – Third-party Contracts

Sam Nguyen
Senior Analyst

Patricia Blake
Program Officer

Veronica Ochoa
Accounting Technician I

Shawn Hendry
Accounting Assistant IV

Itzel Lara
Accounting Assistant IV

Leslie Sarabia
Accounting Assistant IV

Cashier's Office Staff
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Tia Arvelo
Jennifer Ching
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