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Political Science Program
Career Outlook

The Political Science Program is designed to familiarize students with the basic elements and functions of the United States and Nevada governments. Students will also learn about international relations and the role of the US in world politics.

Why Study Political Science at CSN?

Graduates earning their associate of arts degree can move on seamlessly to many four-year institutions to continue their studies. Bachelor’s degree graduates can seek positions in areas such as government service, diplomacy, law, politics, and teaching. Some examples include city planner, freelance writer, high school government teacher, lobbyist, and policy analyst.

This and other careers related to political science may require an advanced degree.

Degree in Political Science

placeholderPolitical Sciences: AS

The Associate of Science Degree in Physical Science is a general transfer program for students who are planning to transfer to a baccalaureate or pre-professional institution. A secondary objective may be employment upon completion of the AS degree.