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VA Standard of Progress

This Standard of Progress was approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Standard of Progress will apply to students that are considered for Veterans Educational Benefits. Failure to follow veterans’ standard of progress will result in the discontinuation of educational benefits.

Veterans Academic Probation - Students are placed on academic probation at the end of the fall or spring semester when they have earned a minimum of 15 credits and their cumulative grade point average (CGPA) falls below 2.0. Students placed on academic probation must meet with a counselor prior to registering for another semester or session. Academic probation status appears on official transcripts. Names of students placed on academic probation are forwarded to the Counseling Office for processing. A letter will be mailed to all students on academic probation informing them of their status and that they must go to Counseling to be assigned a counselor prior to registering again.

Note: While on VA probation, the student may continue to receive VA Educational Benefits, but must continue to earn a semester grade point average (SGPA) of at least 2.00.

Removal of Academic Probation- Academic probation is removed when a student’s SGPA is raised to 2.0 or higher for the subsequent semester/session. If an Incomplete (I) grade is removed after the student has enrolled for the next semester or session, the effect on the student’s SGPA will be based on its inclusion with grades for the current semester or session.

Termination of VA Educational Benefits- Students enrolled in CSN classes while on academic probation are subject to academic suspension when both their semester (excluding Summer semester) and cumulative GPA fall below 2.0.

On the first academic suspension veteran students on Academic Suspension are only allowed to take up to two classes per semester/session until their overall CUM GPA is at least at a 2.00.  While on Suspension, students must meet with an academic advisor every semester/session and must submit a Student Appeal form with the counselor notes and the classes they have approved to take for the upcoming semester. While on suspension the veteran student will not be certified to receive Veteran Educational Benefits until the student completes a full-term (spring/fall) semester with an overall SEM GPA of 2.0 following standard of progress policy. After the student has completed one full term the student may receive educational benefits on a semester-by-semester basis, given that the veteran maintains an SEM GPA of 2.0 until the CUM GPA is at least a 2.0.

The College grading policy addresses “I” grades. If an “I” grade is converted to an “F” (Failing) grade after one year, the “F” may cause the student’s CUM GPA to fall below 2.0 for the semester in which the class was originally attended. If this occurs, the above probation/suspension criteria will be applied to the semester. As a result, retroactive suspension could possibly follow. This may result in an overpayment of Educational Benefits which the student may be required to repay.

**** Note ****
Students with previous training, credit, or experience at any institution (on-the-job, vocational or trade school, or military experience) or college (including Community College of the Air Force) must have the institution send official transcripts or documentation to the Office of Admissions and Records.  The student must then complete a Transfer Credit Evaluation request form at that office.  The evaluation must be completed no later than the end of the student's second full-term (Fall and Spring) semester at this college.  Failure to complete the evaluation process could result in a delay of VA Educational Benefits.