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Health Sciences Admissions
Some programs may be limited-entry. For information on application, admission, orientation, and prerequisites for both limited-entry and open-entry health sciences programs, please call 702-651-5690, 702-651-4530 or visit us online at

The first step on your path to becoming a CSN student is to


To learn more about the other enrollment steps, visit our FUTURE STUDENTS page and select the appropriate track for your student status.

If we can help you with the application process, please call us at 702-651-5555.

CSN is an open access institution admitting high school graduates and non-degree graduates who are capable of benefiting from post-secondary education. Those applicants, who are specifically seeking a degree or certificate of achievement, must have a high school diploma, its equivalent (GED), or be a qualified international student. A student who does not meet these admission requirements may attend CSN as Non-Degree seeking student. For additional information and limitations, visit the admissions page.

CSN is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action institution. For more information, visit