Become a Mentor and Change a Life!

Thank you for your interest in Mentoring at the College of Southern Nevada.  Please complete the Mentor Application if you are:

  1. Applying to be a mentor for the first time
  2. A Returning Promise Scholarship Mentor (you applied last year and completed training and the background check)
  3. A Bump Up Mentor

CSN created the Mentoring Program to provide:

  1. Group Mentoring opportunities for High school students who are applying for the Nevada Promise Scholarship  (Level I);
  2. One-to-one mentoring for CSN students who are Promise Scholarship recipients renewing their eligibility for another year (Level II)
  3. Expansion of the intensive one-to-one Bump Up Mentoring Program (Level III)

See below for a complete explanation of the Mentoring Levels and requirements.

All Mentors have the opportunity to participate in one or more of the Mentor Levels.


The Nevada Promise bill requires mentors to: 

  1. Be at least 21 years of age
  2. Not be compensated for their mentoring services
  3. *Before serving as a mentor, the applicant must pass a criminal background check
  4. A mentor may not be assigned a mentee they employ or who is closely related to them (within the third degree)

*Please note that SB391, which created the Promise Program, requires all mentors to undergo a background check. You will be asked to provide authorization for an electronic background check conducted by a third party on behalf of CSN. The cost of the background check will be covered by CSN. Returning Promise Mentors who completed a background check in 2018 do not need to complete a new background check.

If you have questions or would like to discuss how your organization can participate as a community partner, please email Guy Amato, CSN’s Director of Inclusive Learning for more information or call 702-651-7691.

Mentoring at the College of Southern Nevada

Level IGroup mentoring activities with our 2019 applicants

Mentor up to 10 high school Promise applicants graduating high school in 2019
Supervised group mentoring with an interactive component
Mentoring activities will take place at local high schools and all three CSN main locations

Supplemental Training
Online mentor training refresher
Appropriate mentor/mentee relationships
NV Promise program information and deadlines
College Admissions and Financial Aid Process

Level II: Become a one-on-one mentor to Nevada Promise Scholars at CSN

Meeting with your mentee(s) a minimum of once per semester
Each mentor can work with up to 10 students each year
Mentors paired with student(s) using MentorCity (Internet portal)

Use MentorCity for:

  • Communication tool to help you keep students informed about upcoming mentoring appointments (in person, phone call or online via Skype), information about CSN workshops available, remind them about approaching academic or Promise deadline reminders, etc.
  • Recording notes of mentoring interactions and resources shared with students

Supplemental Training
Nevada Promise Training refresher
Appropriate mentor/mentee relationships
MentorCity profile creation and user guide
Additional mentoring strategies/mentoring guide for Promise
NV Promise programmatic information and deadlines
CSN Student Satisfactory Academic Progress and Financial Aid Process

Level III: Apply to be a mentor with the CSN Bump Up Program

Created in 2015, BUMP Up is a CSN mentoring program that aims to increase the persistence, progression and completion rates of African-American male college students. The mentor is assigned one student to foster a long-term mentoring relationship. Pairing is made based on similar career goals, expertise related to academic skills and technical abilities, and life experience. CSN faculty and staff as well as community leaders are encouraged to apply. The mentor must have a college degree from an accredited college or university. For more information, please visit