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Introductory Courses

One of the most rewarding aspects of EDU 201, EDU 202, or EDU 203 is the opportunity to observe and work with students at a grade level you are interested in eventually teaching. CSN’s introductory courses require all students to complete a ten (10) hour "Field Observation" in one of  CCSD’s public schools.

At the bottom of this page, you will find directions on how to request an official field observation placement. Every attempt will be made by CCSD to place you in the Geographic Region and Preferred School that you request. * Students are NOT ALLOWED to contact schools, principals, or teaching staff themselves in order to arrange their own placement. CCSD disallows this, and it will cause LENGTHY delays in getting your official validated placement from CCSD's Curriculum and Instruction Division. Placements are arranged entirely by the CSN Field Observation Coordinator and NOT by CSN students. Once your request is received and processed, you will receive details regarding your official placement from your current CSN professor. Only then, will you contact the school and meet online with your assigned cooperating teacher. During your first meeting, both you and your assigned cooperating teacher will design a mutually agreeable schedule in order for you to complete the remainder of your required (10) contact hours.

Placement Procedure

Carefully follow the 3-step process below to assure yourself of a successful Field Observation placement.
Field Observation Coordinator:  Corinne Blake

Step 1

Begin by helping CSN place you, by locating the geographic region you reside in from the map below.  The sections of town you can choose from are defined by the five shaded areas, and mainly use freeways as their borders. Carefully identify the region you wish to be placed in before filling out the Field Observation request database.

CCSD region map

Enlarge Map

Step 2

Please help CCSD and our CSN Coordinator narrow their search to your choice of a preferred CCSD school by locating the 3 digit CCSD School Location Code listed in the file below. Make sure you carefully identify the correct 3 digit school code BEFORE you fill out your official Field Observation Placement request. ​Click the button below to view the 3 digit CCSD SCHOOL LOCATION CODE.

Location Code

Step 3

After identifying the geographic region and 3 digit school location code, continue by clicking the button below. Make sure you completely fill out the entire form that loads before SUBMITTING your data. WHEN ENTERING YOUR eMAIL, YOU MUST USE YOUR CSN EMAIL ADDRESS.

  • * Deadline for submitting SPRING 2024 Field Observation requests is: Friday, Feb 2 @11:59 pm for 16-week courses, and  Sunday, January 21 for 8-week courses.
  • * Upon completing the form, a message will indicate that you have successfully submitted the request. DO NOT resubmit the same information twice.
  • ​* If you do not enter a 3 digit location code on the form, you are automatically agreeing to be placed at ANY school within the region you’ve chosen.

CCSD Field Observations Request