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Gender and Sexuality Alliance

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The GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance) would like to welcome you to the College of Southern Nevada. We are here to support LGTBQA (Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual, Queer/Questioning, and Asexual/Aromantic) students, faculty, and staff.

The GSA Committee works with the Center for Academic & Professional Excellence (CAPE) office to provide the Safe Zone training program which is designed to provide safe spaces on campus to LGBTQ staff and faculty.  This 8-hour training program is ideal for faculty, administrators or staff and provides the foundation for creating sustainable Safe Zones on CSN campus sites. This two-day program is highly interactive. At the completion of Safe Zone 101 & 102 participants will receive a Safe Zone sticker and a variety of resources. For more information visit the CSN Safe Zone website (www.csn.edu/safezone)

Committee Chair

  • Joe Hassert
Committee Members
Jason Green
Charlene Gibson
Rebecca Blunk
Jennifer Basquiat
Joseph Hassert
Barbara Bird
Alena Bottesch
Kayla Buscher
Adam Burgess
Tracy D'Ambrosi
Ben Dyer
Angie Freeman
Brett Riley
Melodye Lehnerer
Alethea Martin
Norman Rauls
Dora Reyes
Robyn Rohde
Patricia Vazquez
Carson Schuetze
Chulwoo Shin
Megan Swallia
Kalene Westmoreland
Jennifer Weber
Theri Wyckoff