CSN Testing Centers at West Charleston, North Las Vegas, and Henderson are now utilizing RegisterBlast for online appointments for:

  • CSN Online Exams
  • CSN Professor Make up Exams
  • Outside Proctoring for other Schools/Institutions
  • Accuplacer Exams for Other Schools


Making Appointments:

To make an appointment, you will need to select the campus you are going to take the test at. Then with the drop down select the category of the exam and follow the prompts, agree with the acknowledgements, and provide us with pertinent information for you and your exams.

You can select the campus:



Appointment Fees:

The CSN Testing Center Fees are $40.00 for the first two hours then $20.00 per hour (or portion of).

There is also a $3.50 Convenience Fee for RegisterBlast transactions. RegisterBlast is open 24/7, make your appointment from home.

CSN Testing Fee Based Exams:

  • Other College/Institution Proctoring
  • Accuplacer for Other institutions
  • CLEP
  • Typing
  • WoWi
  • Strong and MBTI

Exams that have a Test Fee without a Appointment Fee collected:

  • CASTLE Worldwide (Appointment Made and Paid through Castle worldwide web site)
  • GED (Appointment Made and Paid through
  • Dexterity: Dental/Surgical Tech (Paid through myCSN & Appointment through RegisterBlast)
  • Biology Pilot Exams (Paid through NLN website & Appointment through RegisterBlast)