MGM College Opportunity Program at the College of Southern Nevada

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MGM Resorts employees are encouraged to visit My MGM to learn more about the COP and to complete the required Eligibility Request.

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MGM Resorts and the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) are proud to offer the College Opportunity Program (COP) to employees of MGM Resorts.  The program provides access to online certificate and degree programs, at no cost to MGM Resorts employees.

The College of Southern Nevada is a participating MGM Resorts COP institution, helping MGM Resorts employees take the right steps to achieve their educational goals.

Eligible MGM Resorts employees who meet all program requirements may apply to one (1) of the following online degree programs available at the College of Southern Nevada.  Need help deciding on a program?  Use the MGM COP Decision Guide to find the right educational path for you.

Undergraduate Degrees and Certificate Programs Available Online:

Log on to My MGM for a complete list of available online degree programs at participating NSHE institutions.  To get started, visit and complete the degree-seeking admissions application.
NOTE:  If you have previously submitted an admissions application to CSN within the past two years and simply need to update your information or be resent your student account credentials, do not reapply.  Please contact the CSN Call Center at 702-651-5555 (dial option 4).  For further questions regarding CSN's enrollment process, please contact Kimiko Walton.
MGM College Opportunity Program (COP COVID-19) FAQ
Please see below for frequently asked questions regarding the MGM COP.

Q. I am currently taking courses under the MGM COP for the spring 2020 semester, and I was recently laid off or placed in a furlough status. Will MGM still cover my tuition?

A. Yes, MGM will still cover tuition, textbooks, and test proctoring fees for all employees eligible for the MGM COP for the spring 2020 semester. Please review My MGM for the most up to date information.

Q. Will MGM cover my summer 2020 courses under the MGM COP even though I have been laid off or furloughed?

A. If you have already received approval for summer courses, you will be covered through the COP to participate. Deadline to apply for summer courses was March 25th.

Q. I would like to continue my education but not under the MGM COP. How do I opt out of the MGM COP?

A. Please create a case in My MGM to opt out of the MGM COP. Your institution’s MGM Point ofContact will provide additional resources and assistance to ease your transition out of the MGM COP and to continue your education with NSHE.

Q. If I am no longer eligible to participate in the MGM COP, are there any other funds available to me to pursue my education?

A. Financial aid could be available to those who complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Please visit for moreinformation. If you need further assistance or have any questions, please contact your institution’sMGM Point of Contact.

Q. If I withdraw from my courses this spring or summer, will I be eligible to participate in the MGM COP for Fall 2020 at MGM?

A. Yes, due to the unique circumstances we are facing with COVID-19, withdrawn courses for spring or summer 2020 will not make you ineligible for Fall 2020 courses. Refer to My MGM for the most up to date information regarding the COP.


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