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New Student Advising

Congratulations on Starting Your CSN Journey!

After you are accepted to CSN and have completed your account validation, complete the following steps before seeking advising:

  1. Complete your Math and English Placement Requirements

    Testing is currently available remotely and in person.  Take CSN’s placement OR submit your qualifying ACT/SAT scores that are less than two years old. For information on submitting ACT/SAT scores, please visit the Testing Center.

    Math - If you are planning to major in Business, Education, or any of the Sciences, you are required to complete the Math Placement.

    • Math Placement tests are delivered through the ALEKS PPL Math platform and can be taken anytime. Visit ALEKS PPL Math Placement, read all downloading and system requirements to take the Math placement exam.  ALEKS PPL also allows you to study and improve your math skills for placement.

    English - English Placement Self-Guided Survey: All new students are encouraged to use our Self-Guided Placement Survey to help determine their English placement.  Please use this link to take the survey and receive your personalized recommendation.

  2. Complete the CSN New Student Online Orientation

    Complete the online orientation to become familiar with your CSN community and resources available to you.   Access is available in your GoCSN account.  Use your NSHE student ID number and password to login to GoCSN and select the New Student Online Orientation Tile. Visit the Orientation webpage or email us at fye@csn.edu for more information.

  3. Meet with an Advisor

    At CSN, Advising departments are designated based on your major. Health Sciences majors should visit https://www.csn.edu/health-sciences for more information about advising. Not sure which majors fall under Health Sciences?  Visit https://www.csn.edu/healtharea to see a list of our health programs.

    Students pursuing all other majors should read and follow the information below for the General Academic Advising Department services.

    There are three ways to meet with an advisor:
Schedule An Appointment

To make an appointment:

  1. Visit www.csn.edu and click "Login".
  2. Log-in with your GoCSN username and password.
  3. Click MyCoyotePLAN Icon (or search for MyCoyotePLAN ).
  4. If required, log in again.
  5. Click on the Academic Advising box.
  6. Find an academic advisor who works with your major or area of study.
  7. Click “Schedule”.
  8. Choose the primary reason you wish to meet with an Academic Advisor.
  9. Click "Continue".
  10. Select a day and time that works best for you.
  11. Click "Continue".
  12. Enter any additional information related to your appointment.
  13. Click "Confirm" to secure your appointment.

*If you have an IEP or 504 Plan and wish to speak with someone before scheduling your appointment, please contact us by phone: 702-651-3165.

*Still have questions? Visit Advising@csn.edu

Registration Events

If you are a new, first time in college student, we strongly encourage you to participate in one of our CSN Registration Events . At these events you can:

  • Get enrolled and leave with a schedule in hand
  • Talk with a representative from the Financial Aid Department
  • Get help with removing completed holds from your account
  • Meet with an Academic Advisor.  Note that Health Advisors may not be present at all events.

*If you have an IEP or 504 Plan and wish to speak with someone before scheduling your appointment, please contact us by phone: 702-651-3165.

*Still have questions? Visit Advising@csn.edu

Open Advising

All students who are not Health Science majors may participate in Open Advising. Appointments are not required during Open Advising, and students can meet with advisors on a first come, first served basis.

Open Advising is available Monday through Friday beginning December 5, 2022 to January 13, 2023, from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm.

Please be advised that Open Advising may require a wait time of an hour or greater. Line(s) may close early during times of extremely high volume.

During Open Advising, students can meet with advisors on campus or by phone.

  • To meet with an advisor on campus, students should check into the advising queue online or at their preferred campus and select the ‘In-person Academic Advising’ queue.  You will receive a text message alerting you when it is your turn to see an advisor.
  • To meet with an advisor by phone, students can use the check into the advising queue and choose the “Academic Advising by Phone” queue.  When you reach the front of the queue for "Academic Advising by Phone," you will receive a phone call from an academic advisor.

Open Advising sessions provide the following services:

  • Course Recommendations
  • Advising Hold Removals
  • General Questions
  • Campus Referrals

*If you have an IEP or 504 Plan and wish to speak with someone before scheduling your appointment, please contact us by phone: 702-651-3165.

*Still have questions? Visit Advising@csn.edu

Conclude Your Enrollment Process

CONCLUDE Your Enrollment Process: Register & Pay
Upon the completion of steps 1 through 3, you can proceed to register for classes. For additional support in the online class registration process, please make an appointment with the Virtual Students First Station. The Cashier’s Office provides information about cost of attendance and payment deadlines. If you have applied for financial aid, you will be contacted via email. Login to MyCSN and check your “TO DO LIST” for possible verification requirements. Visit CSN Financial Aid webpage for important financial aid information and announcements.

How to Declare or Change Your Major

For a demonstration on how to declare/change your major in MyCSN, Go To MyCSN.

For printable instructions on how to declare/change your major in MyCSN,  View Printable Instructions.

NSHE Gateway Enrollment and Corequisite Policy

Effective Fall 2021, Nevada public colleges and universities will require all new, beginning students to enroll in the gateway college-level English and math courses required for their program/major within their first year of study. Some gateway courses will include college-level coursework only, while others will include the same college-level coursework along with corequisite instruction. Corequisite instruction delivers in-class, in-time support to ensure student success. While enrollment in courses featuring corequisite instruction will be open to all students, a qualifying test score may be required to enroll in courses without the corequisite support. Please see the chart which contains an overview of gateway and co-requisite courses, but does not replace an advisor's recommendation.

Advising Questions & Answers

*Still have questions? Contact Us!

*Please contact us by phone at 702-651-3165 if you have an IEP or 504 Plan and need assistance in meeting with an academic advisor.