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Phlebotomy (CC)

Nature of Work

Phlebotomists usually work under the direction of a lead phlebotomist or medical technologist. The phlebotomist collects blood specimens for analysis, checks the quality of the sample and assumes responsibility for the safety and comfort of patients during the procedure. The phlebotomist must have sufficient venipuncture skills to collect blood from babies, children, adults, and the elderly or "hard to stick" patients. They must also be able to accurately perform skin punctures, blood culture collection and other special laboratory tests. Lastly, they may also have responsibilities in specimen handling and processing. Phlebotomists must have computer skills, communication skills and an understanding of medico-legal implications. The job market for phlebotomists is excellent with many jobs available on various shifts in reference and hospital laboratories.

Program Description

The CSN Phlebotomy Program culminates in a Certificate of Completion. The prerequisite requirements must be completed by the application deadline in order to be eligible for consideration. The process for application to the program can be found on the Flow Chart listed below. Students who successfully complete the MLT/MLS Track or NHA Track are eligible to obtain a Laboratory Assistant License in Nevada to become employed as a phlebotomist.

Phlebotomy Course Requirements

Phlebotomy (MLT/MLS Student Track) Course Requirements

Phlebotomy Advising Sheet
Phlebotomy Career Guide

Phlebotomy Application Flow Chart
Phlebotomy Application Packet
Phlebotomy Completion Checklist

Phlebotomy for National Healthcareer Association (NHA) Track Course Requirements

Phlebotomy (NHA Track) Advising Sheet
Phlebotomy (NHA Track) Career Guide
Phlebotomy (NHA Track) Application Process
Phlebotomy (NHA Track) Application
Phlebotomy (NHA Track) Completion Checklist

Student's First Checklist

New students planning to register for courses at CSN must follow the steps outlined on the Open Entry Program Checklist. This checklist provides information on the registration process for new students seeking an Open-Entry Health Science Certificate of Achievement or Completion.

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If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact one of our Health Programs Advisement Offices.

  • Charleston Campus: (702) 651-5885, Building K Lobby
  • North Las Vegas Campus: (702) 651-4415, Main Building Room E204
  • Henderson Campus: (702) 651-3563, Building H Room 234

Or contact the Program Director, Dr. Patricia Armour, directly:

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