The Engineering Technology Program provides the practical mathematical and scientific knowledge that students need to apply and implement existing technology in the real world. Students will learn methods and procedures used in both mainstream industrial applications and specialized engineering organizations in order to improve operational processes as well as improve existing products and technological operations.

The Engineering Technology Program has a new emphasis that deals with Unmanned Aviation Systems also known by other names, such as UAVs or drones. View the Associate of Science Degree program link below.

Associate of Applied Science Degrees under two of the other emphases are accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, The concentrations in these two emphases are listed below. Use the links to view documents laying out requirements, program educational objectives (PEOs) and student outcomes (SOs):

Upon completing one of our many associate of applied science degrees and/or certificates of achievement, graduates can pursue employment opportunities such as defense contracting, bench and biomedical equipment technicians, slot and self-service device technicians or enter into related fields ranging from power utility operations and maintenance to theatre technology and telecommunications, to name just a few. While many engineering related occupations would require more advanced degrees, there are many entry-level positions available.

Courses with an emphasis in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are available.  Contact Us for more information.

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