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We are responsible for general procurement. Community members can call us about becoming a vendor, responding to RFPs (request for proposals) or any other purchasing related question.

Fraud Awareness Notice

Occasionally, suppliers may receive deceptive emails from individuals who pose as college officials, soliciting price quotes and subsequently issuing counterfeit purchase orders. These fraudulent emails often closely resemble genuine CSN email addresses but may have slight variations. Additionally, the specified shipping address will not belong to CSN.

If you encounter any suspicious communications claiming to be from CSN, please reach out to us immediately for verification. You can contact us at 702-651-2656 or via email at purchasing2@csn.edu to confirm the authenticity of such messages.

Supplier & Payment Registration System:

The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Supplier Registration System (SReg) allows suppliers to register their business information, select the goods and/or services offered, and to manage information for accuracy online through their secure account. SReg operates in a similar manner to other on-line registration websites.  In order to register a new account, a supplier submits their company and contact information including name, email addresses, phone numbers, insurance, licenses, and commodity offerings.  In addition, once they are registered, suppliers can maintain and update their information. All new suppliers must register through the SReg system.  This one registration will provide suppliers NSHE-wide exposure to all eight system institutions.

For a supplier to register or access their account, visit NSHE Supplier Registration.

The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Payment Registration System (SReg Lite) should be used by individuals needing to register with NSHE in order to receive payments.  The term “individuals” refers to non-business entities or persons which would not be considered a supplier such as a guest speaker/lecturer, service provider/consultant, student, research participant, etc. Individuals must register through the SReg Lite system to receive payments.

For an individual to register or access their account, visit NSHE Payment Registration.

Purchasing Related Links

Supplier Outreach Coordinator

Rolando Mosqueda J.D.
Associate Vice President Procurement & Auxiliary Services
Contact the Supplier Outreach Coordinator

Purchasing Staff Assignments by Department

Department Purchasing Representative
Independent Contractor Agreements for all Departments Mario Giacobbe
Facilities Management Brandy Candelaria
General Counsel Brandy Candelaria
Human Resources Brandy Candelaria
Police Services Brandy Candelaria
President’s Office Brandy Candelaria
Public Relations Brandy Candelaria
Athletics Vivian Funez
Center for Academic Success Vivian Funez
Diversity & Multicultural Affairs Vivian Funez
Division of Workforce & Economic Development Vivian Funez
Institutional Research Vivian Funez
Library Vivian Funez
Marketing Brandy Candelaria
Media Technologies Vivian Funez
Office of Technology Services Brandy Candelaria
Student Affairs Vivian Funez
Advanced & Applied Technologies Vivian Funez
Academic Affairs Vivian Funez
Administrative Faculty Assembly Vivian Funez
Arts & Letters Vivian Funez
Auxiliary Services Vivian Funez
Budget Services Vivian Funez
Business, Hospitability, & Public Services Vivian Funez
Classified Council Vivian Funez
Clinical Services Vivian Funez
Clubs Vivian Funez
Computing & Information Technology Vivian Funez
Controller Vivian Funez
Education, Behavioral & Social Sciences Vivian Funez
Emergency Management Brandy Candelaria
Faculty Senate Vivian Funez
Finance Vivian Funez
Financial Aid Vivian Funez
Foundation Brandy Candelaria
Health Sciences Vivian Funez
Purchasing  Vivian Funez
Sciences & Mathematics Vivian Funez
Strategic Initiatives & Administrative Services Brandy Candelaria

Purchasing Staff:

Contact Us

Rolando Mosqueda J.D.
Associate Vice President Procurement & Auxiliary Services

Paula Gonzales C.P.M.
Director of Purchasing

Brandy Candelaria
Assistant Director of Purchasing

Mario Giacobbe
Contracts Manager

Vivian Funez
Buyer II

Annette Hearn
Purchasing Card Coordinator

Judy Santo
Compliance Coordinator

Mailing Address:
Sort Code NLVF110
3200 E. Cheyenne Avenue
North Las Vegas, NV 89030