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Ask P-Card Overview

CSN sponsors a P-Card Program that allows designated employees to make business-related purchases.  The P-Card provides an efficient, cost-effective way to purchase low dollar goods, as well as high volume repetitive purchases by giving Departments direct buying power, thus reducing the number of Purchase Requisitions and Supplier Invoice Requests and reducing costs associated with issuing checks.  The program replaces some of the traditional requisition processes of pricing inquiry and obtaining quotes, the ordering cycle, invoicing and review, and the payment cycle.

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P-Card Program User’s Manual

The P-Card Program User’s Manual sets forth the procedures for the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program.  The purpose of the manual is to provide Cardholders, Transaction Approvers, and any other program participant training and instructions for the proper issuance and use of the CSN P-Card and an ongoing reference for questions related to the program.

P-Card Training

All P-Card Cardholders are required to complete training prior to the issuance of the P-Card.  Although not required, it is strongly recommended that Transaction Approvers familiarize themselves with the training materials.

  1. Training includes:> In-Person Training> CSN P-Card Program User’s Manual
  2. Successful completion of a 27 question P-Card knowledge quiz with a minimum passing score of 85% is mandatory prior to issuance of a P-Card.
  3. All Cardholders and Transaction Approvers are responsible for periodically reviewing the CSN P-Card Program User’s Manual for updates and to read and understand its provisions.
  4. Refresher Training is mandatory – Cardholders will be contacted for refresher training and retesting every two years or more during their participation in the P-Card Program.  Failure to comply may result in a temporary suspension of the P-Card account until training and retesting are completed.

P-Card Instructions for Workday

The P-Card Instructions for Workday is a user's guide for Cardholders and Transaction Approvers for the P-Card process in Workday.