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Project Management Program

This program builds upon current vocational abilities and provides additional managerial skills needed within a specific field of emphasis.

Why Study Project Management at CSN?

Students completing this program will not only demonstrate competence but will also be capable of efficiently engaging in their chosen vocational field as highly trained technicians or effective project managers.

Upon completion of their associate degree, graduates can seek their Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Project Management. The BAS degree curriculum will offer accelerated classroom, hybrid, and online courses to accommodate student feedback and demand and is designed to develop student communication, project management skills, and decision-making abilities within a broader context rather than a single vocation.

As an emerging top 10 STEM-related skill, our project management degree prepares students for employment in demanding management positions, various levels of practitioner roles in such fields as information technology, health sciences, and marketing/media analytics.

Gain the skills employers care about.

We've designed our Project Management Program's major curriculum to be as relevant as possible. Enter the workplace ready to:

  • Analyze and apply the role of the project manager in driving an organization’s key performing indicators within an organization
  • Conduct planning activities that forecast project costs, completion, quality, and necessary resources
  • Develop and apply analytical frameworks, strategic planning skills, and managerial insight to be more effective project leaders and contributors
  • Utilize tools specific to project management, applicable to many industries, that ensure projects are on time, on budget, and within the project’s original scope
  • Acquire and apply the necessary theoretical management, knowledge, practices, and organizational structural workflow processes to succeed in any project management career designation

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Project Manager Degree

Project Management: BAS

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree in Project Management provides a unique pathway for students to build upon the technical skills and knowledge acquired in attaining an associate degree. The BAS degree is designed to instill abilities and competence focusing on developing student communication, project management skills, and decision­ making abilities within a broader context rather than a single vocation.

About the Program


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Potential Careers:

Product Management, Professional Sales, Advertising, Media Buying

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