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Marketing Program

Students in our Marketing Program are prepared for careers in the marketing field through comprehensive exposure to marketing principles and a broad range of topics related to buying and selling consumer goods and services.

Why Study Marketing at CSN?

Whether seeking immediate career opportunities upon graduation or moving on to a four-year institution, students will have the skills and competencies necessary to be successful.

A marketing degree is relevant across multiple industries, making it ideal for diverse professional paths. While marketing is often thought of in the context of for-profit businesses, nonprofits and government departments also require talented marketing staff. Roles are available in different aspects of marketing in almost any type of organization depending on personal interests and areas of professional focus.

Gain the skills employers care about.

We've designed our Marketing Program's major curriculum to be as relevant as possible. Enter the workplace ready to:

  • Provide critical thinking
  • Tailor messaging in digital and traditional platforms and social media
  • Support innovation and inform overall business strategy
  • Understand the science of consumer behavior

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Degrees and Certificates

The Associate of Applied Science in Marketing degree prepares students for careers in advertising, retail sales, and marketing. The program includes a comprehensive exposure to marketing principles and business-related issues.

About the Program


For information regarding accreditation at CSN, please head over to Academic Program Accreditations.

Potential Careers:

Product Management, Professional Sales, Advertising, Media Buying

Career Outlook