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The Department of Auxiliary Services generates and manages business through an array of non-academic services that CSN students, faculty, and staff need and value. Auxiliary Services includes printing services, graphic design, copier and printer programs, and transportation services.

Auxiliary Services also manages contracted services including bookstore operations, Lyft, RTC discounted bus passes, ATM services, vending services, food, and catering services. We take pride in our commitment to responsive, high-quality, and dependable service to the CSN community.

Meghan Ezekiel
Director of Auxiliary Services

Mary Williams
Assistant Director of Financial Planning - Auxiliary Services

Campus Motor Pool Services

Campus Motor Pool Services provides all preventative maintenance services for the 50-vehicle fleet operated by assigned CSN departments. We process insurance requests and claims and work closely with Risk Management and Business Center South. In addition, we process and provide commodity approval for all new departmental vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ken Foster - 702-651-4295    cell - 702-721-1055
  • Laura Vazquez - 702-651-4355    cell - 702-238-9008

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Campus Printing Services

Campus Printing Services assists the CSN community with its design and printing needs, including complementary graphic design and campus delivery. We supply classroom materials, tests, syllabi, stationery, and display items at competitive pricing that is exclusive to the CSN community.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Michael Carns - 702 651 4517
  • Sue Mitchell - 702-651-4354

Faculty/Staff Order Printing Here

Student Printing

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Campus Transportation Services

CSN is proud to partner with Nevada State University and Lyft to provide transportation services to the CSN community.

Learn More About Campus Commuter 

Learn More About Coyote Rideshare by Lyft 

- Meghan Ezekiel - 702-651-2827

Campus Bookstore Services

CSN is proud to partner with Follett Higher Education to provide excellent service and competitive rates for students. The campus Bookstore plays a direct role in supporting CSN’s strategic objectives; enhancing recruitment, retention, and academic success. Our team is committed to engaging students on campus, building relationships and earning your loyalty. By serving as a campus hub, the Bookstore enhances the academic experience of everyone on campus.

If you have questions or need assistance please contact the bookstore at:

Learn more about our bookstores

  • Meghan Ezekiel - 702-651-2827

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Campus Printer/Copier Services

Campus Printer/Copier Services manages all printer and copier usage for over 750 printers and 97 multi-functional copier machines. We serve as the point of contact for all questions or issues arising from the desktop and copier contracts as well as for the toner recycling process in place. We are pleased to partner with Les Olson Company to provide these services to the CSN community. We also work closely with OTS in an effort to provide the best service for any printer or copier issues.

Frequently Asked Questions
Student Printing
Mobile Printing Instructions

  • Ken Foster - 702-651-4295    cell - 702-721-1055
  • Les Olson Company - 702-932-7431

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Campus Food Services

CSN is proud to partner with Chartwells to provide food and catering services to the CSN community.

Learn More About our Food Services

  • Meghan Ezekiel -  702-651-2827

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Campus Vending Services

CSN is proud to partner with Pepsi and First Class Vending to provide all beverage and snack options on campus. We also provide these options to our CSN Learning Centers. We work closely with our vending partners to review machine placement, food and beverage options, and managing customer service.

Our vendors monitor usage on a weekly basis to prevent spoiled products. Where available, we encourage you to use the Pay Range app to minimize touching the machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Laura Vazquez - 702-651-4355    cell - 702-238-9008

CSN is proud to partner with RTC to provide discounted bus passes to the CSN community. Download RTC's mobile app, rideRTC to obtain your discounted bus pass today! Use your CSN email as your ID to unlock your discounted bus pass.

  • Semester pass: $104 (68% savings)
  • Monthly pass: $32.50 (50% savings)

A valid campus ID must be presented when boarding the vehicle with a discounted CSN bus pass.

For more information, visit RTC's website.

Campus ATM

CSN is proud to partner with Valley Bank of Nevada to provide ATM services to the CSN community. You can find the ATM in the West Charleston Student Union in the hallway next to the vending machines.

  • Meghan Ezekiel -  702-651-2827