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Event Publicity

College Event Publicity Request Form

Do you need to publicize your event to the college community? We have a variety of options that can help, based on availability.  Read through those options below and learn more before you access the form.

Please use this reference guide with tips and tricks on how to make an informative flier to publicize your event. Using this guide before submitting your flier should lead to a shorter editing period and will allow your flier to move through the publicity process faster. Making a flier at CSN.

NOTE: We require 2 weeks' notice to properly publicize your event. Submissions within this window may not be approved for all requested tactics.

  1. Event Calendar - CSN events that are open to the public are listed on the main CSN site. CSN internal events, as well as those open to the public, can be viewed by students, faculty and staff on the internal site.

  2. All Email - While some fliers may be approved for email to all faculty and staff via the Upcoming Events email address, most event fliers will be listed on the event calendar and linked to This Week @ CSN, the weekly internal e-newsletter announcing college news and events to all employees. This reduces the amount of email in our inbox and increases interest in all college events as readers become accustomed to learning about college events this way. If your event flier is approved for an individual email, it will be distributed several days in advance of the event whenever possible.
  3. Intercampus Communications System - Our campus monitor network provides a digital forum for visual content relevant to the CSN community.
  4. Poster - There are some events that may be authorized for poster use. Please take a moment to look over the Poster Guidelines.
  5. Social Media - Some public events may be posted on our social media feeds. You will be notified if this option is approved.

FINAL NOTES: If you have a flier for your event, you must upload an 8.5" x 11" vertical flier in the Attachments section of the form for all publicity options except the ICS. The required graphic size for the ICS is 20" x 11.25" horizontal. Only .jpg, .jpeg and .pdf file formats are accepted via the form and must be 2MB or smaller. Please create your files accordingly. Make sure to visit the ICS web page for ICS file formatting and guidelines prior to accessing the College Event Publicity Form below. Submission of alternate ICS files, such as video or PowerPoint, should be made with ICS Control prior to form completion so appropriate notes can be made in the Additional Information section.

Assistance Request Form

Event Support

Marketing has a limited quantity of CSN branded items for college events that can be checked out. Items are only available for official college events on a first-come, first-served basis. Items are not available to student groups. Some items may not be available for all events based on date, time and setup difficulty. Items include:

  • Table covers
  • Vinyl banners
  • Vehicle magnetic signs
  • Event photography notice posters
  • Generic rollup banners (limited use)
  • Step & repeat backdrops (very limited use)
  • Canopies (very limited use)

Marketing may have college view books and promotional items available for certain college events.  Please make sure to ask about those for your prospective student events.

If we can help you with any of these items, please contact us.