Whether you need to produce a brochure, publicize an event or respond to a media request, we are here to help.

Please use this link to request assistance with an in-person or virtual event, graphics & multimedia, material review, or publicity assistance request. This link is for internal CSN employees use only, you will need to be logged into your CSN account to access the form.

Assistance Request Form

Marketing & Communications personnel provide the CSN community with high level support in the following areas:

  • Official College Communications
  • Advertising & Promotional Strategic Planning
  • Public Affairs & Media Relations
  • College Publication Consultation, Creation & Review
  • Graphic Design Consultation, Creation & Review
  • College Brand Maintenance & Design Standards
  • Online Communications & Website Design Consultation
  • Public Records Requests

We can also recommend outside vendors such as designers, printers and photographers based on department need.

For press inquiries & public records requests, EMAIL US or call 702-651-7715.