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The CSN Financial Aid Office begins disbursing financial aid one week before the semester begins. Disbursements continue weekly throughout the semester. Please check the Financial Aid Important Dates page to view the date disbursements begin.

Financial Aid (grants, loans, scholarships) will be credited to the student’s account to pay for outstanding tuition and fees first. If you have been awarded more than the cost of your tuition and fees, the excess financial aid funds will be disbursed directly to you as a financial aid refund. Financial aid refunds are sent to students through direct deposit or a mailed paper check. You can sign up for direct deposit through your MyCSN account. Please note, financial aid refunds may take a few business days to be disbursed to you after the initial financial aid disbursement.

Helpful tips to ensure you get your money on time

  1. Login to your MyCSN and check the following:
    1. Communication Center to see if there are any important messages from the Financial Aid Office
    2. Holds to see if there is a hold that may prevent financial aid disbursement
    3. To-Do List to see if there are any pending items that must be completed before aid can be disbursed
    4. View Financial Aid to check your awards and ensure they have been accepted
  2. Check your CSN-issued email address to view any messages from the Financial Aid Office that may affect your disbursement.
  3. Verify if your courses are eligible for financial aid. Financial Aid only pays for the courses required for your program. To see if your courses qualify for aid see these instructions.
  4. Sign up for direct deposit (or update it as needed) to get your financial aid refund quicker. Login to your MyCSN in the “Finances” section and click on “Enroll in Direct Deposit”.
  5. Make sure your address and contact information in MyCSN is up-to-date. This is especially important if you will be receiving a paper check.

Common reasons financial aid hasn’t been disbursed

  1. Incomplete To-Do List items
  2. Pending communications in your Communication Center or CSN issued email
  3. Holds on your account that prevents disbursement
  4. Frequently adding or dropping classes
  5. For Direct Loans, you must be enrolled in at least six (6) credits required for your program.
  6. First-time federal student loan borrowers are subject to a 30-day delay of their first loan disbursement.
  7. Silver State Opportunity Grant disbursements do not occur until after the published semester Census Date
  8. Courses are not required for your program

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You may email us general questions with an expected response time of 2-3 business days. Response times can increase to 5-7 business days during peak times of year such as the month leading up to a semester starting.

Note: Please include your NSHE ID number

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