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Our Mission

The Office of Institutional Research provides the data, analysis, and strategic guidance needed to achieve the
institutional mission of creating opportunities and enriching the lives of CSN students.

Our Values

The Office of Institutional Research Values


Providing accurate, timely, and official information in a professional, reliable and respectful manner


Working with staff and faculty as a resource of expertise in research, analysis, and planning


Practicing open, clear, and inclusive communication


Continually reviewing and improving skills and knowledge as well as honing business practices and leveraging technology to improve service

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Institutional Research Request

To request a dataset, report, or survey, please use the Institutional Research Request Form.

Data Dashboards

The Data Dashboards page contains interactive visualizations that display a large cross-section of enrollment and student success data.


The CSN Accountability page is home to nationally normed survey results, IPEDS feedback reports, and other reports of interest to external stakeholders.

Contact Us

For questions, data requests, or other inquiries, please contact Ms. Eileen Kaplan.  She will be able to best direct your inquiry to the appropriate person.