Special Notice to Certain Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States and their Spouses and Dependents

You may be eligible for resident tuition pursuant to Title 4, Chapter 15, Sections 3 and 4 of the Board of Regents Handbook. To learn if you qualify, please review NSHE's VA Tuition Information Form.

Residency Decisions
  • CSN's admissions application contains a series of qualifier questions that automatically determine in or out-of-state residency status depending on answers provided by the student.
  • Residency status is posted on the student's admission letter sent to both the student's Communication Center in MyCSN and to the student's personal e-mail address on file. Residency status information is also captured in the student's MyCSN account under Demographic Data.
  • A request to change residency status, including issues linked to probable incorrect information on the admissions application, require that the student apply for residency.
  • For tuition purposes, a student is considered a resident of the state in which he/she files taxes or where the student is claimed as a dependent.
  • Legal dependent qualifier consists ONLY of legal parents or legal guardians (with proof of birth certificate, adoption papers, legal guardianship) and legal spouses (with proof of marriage license or registered domestic partnership).
  • Under no circumstance can a request for residency change be reviewed by the institution without the student first filing a residency application.

For your convenience, CSN has compiled answers to common residency inquiries under the Nevada Residency FAQ's accordion below.

Qualifying for Nevada Residency

Residency regulations have been established by the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE). Generally, the categories listed below qualify for Nevada resident status. For specific definitions and supporting documentations, please refer to the Board of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 15, Sections 1 - 4.

  1. Nevada high school graduate.
  2. Established residency at another NSHE institution- UNLV, UNR, NSC, GBC, TMCC, or WNC.
  3. Member of the U.S. Armed Forceson active duty in the state of Nevada or his/her qualified legal dependent
  4. Full-time licensed personnel employed by a public school district in Nevada or his/her qualified legal dependent.
  5. Teacher currently employed full-time in Nevada or his/her qualified legal dependent.
  6. Professional or classified employee of NSHE employed at least half-time or his/her qualified legal dependent.
  7. Relocation for employment to the state of Nevada (applies to qualified legal dependent).
  8. Member of a Native American tribe currently residing on tribal land located within Nevada.
  9. A student with continuous physical presence in the state of Nevada for at least 12 months prior to the date of matriculation.
Terms of the Residency Application
  • Incomplete applications missing required supporting documentation cannot be accepted or processed -NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Supporting documents must be in the form of photocopies and not originals. CSN will not make copies of submitted paperwork. All submitted documentation becomes the property of CSN.
  • You may hand-deliver or mail the residency application with documentation to the Office of the Registrar.
    Applications must meet the following deadlines -NO EXCEPTIONS
Residency Application Dates:

Fall Term

First day to apply for instate residency for the fall term - first Monday in April

Last day to apply for instate residency for the fall term - first Friday in August

Spring Term

First day to apply for instate residency for the spring term - first Monday in November

Last day to apply for instate residency for the spring term - last Friday in December

Special Note

The Office of the Registrar will only accept residency applications in person or by mail. Residency applications that are mailed MUST BE postmarked by the last day to apply for instate residency for the term to be considered. If submitting a residency application in person, and the last day to apply for instate residency falls on a weekend or holiday, the residency application MUST BE submitted in person by the last business day prior to the residency application due date. Due to personal information security concerns, residency applications that are faxed or e-mailed will not be accepted.

  • Granting of in-state student status ONLY applies to the semester you are applying and to future semesters thereafter. A residency reclassification cannot be retroactive.
To Apply for Residency

Download and complete the Residency Application Form and hand-deliver or mail with documentation to the Office of the Registrar.

To Appeal a Denial of Residency

You have the right to submit a Residency Appeal Form and additional supporting documentation within 30 days of the denial decision. The Residency Appeals Committee considers infrequent, exceptional cases ONLY, where the residence of the student or his/her family is such that it falls within the general intent of the residency regulations and the strict application of regulations is unreasonable. The decision of the Residency Appeals Committee is final, non-negotiable, and no other appeal beyond this committee will be permitted. You may re-apply for reclassification to Nevada resident in the future if the material facts of your residency have substantially changed and if clear, verifiable, and convincing documentation can be provided.

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