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The Financial Aid Office is currently working remotely, and our on-campus offices are closed. Students can meet with the Financial Aid Office representatives virtually. CSN's Financial Aid Office uses Microsoft Teams, a video conferencing tool. You can use Teams on your desktop computer, but if you are using a phone or tablet, you will need to download the Microsoft Teams app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can view this video if you need assistance accessing Microsoft Teams.

To protect student information, you must show a valid federal or state photo ID that we can view through your camera to discuss your financial aid file. We look forward to meeting you!


If you cannot meet virtually, you can contact the Financial Aid Office by email or call our Call Center at 702-651-4303 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Information icon CSN has resumed hiring CWS student employees for the Fall, 2020 semester in anticipation of reopening our campus locations. 


Are you interested in work study employment but do not see the Student Employment award on your 2020/2021 CSN Award Notification?  You can contact us via email and request to have your name and NSHE ID added to the CWS Funding Request List.


College Work Study (CWS) is a financial aid program.  The U.S. Department of Education provides funding for a limited number of students to participate in this program. Eligible students are offered an award that will pay their wages during semesters/terms of employment. 

Students must have a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with an official EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) on file for the academic year (fall, spring, summer). 

In order to be eligible for Federal Work Study (predominantly used in the fall and spring semesters), students must also have:

  • A financial aid eligible major declared;
  • Enrollment in classes required by the certificate/degree program; 
  • Remaining financial aid need after Grants and Scholarships have been applied, as applicable; 
  • Meet financial aid Satisfactory Academic Prograss (SAP) for each semester/term of employment.


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The Silver State Regent Work Award (predominantly used in the summer semester) has additional eligibility requirements:

Enrollment in at least 6 financial aid eligible credits, and must meet at least one of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Head of Household (tax filing status);
  • Single Parent;
  • Age 22 or over and never attended college, or had a  
       break in enrollment of 2 years or more;
  • First generation attending College;
  • No support from parents or family;
  • Unusual family or financial circumstances  
       (documentation required).

The CWS Office will email the Silver State Regents Service Application to all employed students.  The form is valid for the academic year in which it has been submitted. Once submitted, the Silver State Regents Service Application may not be updated or changed until the following year.

Please review all eligibility requirements carefully; feel free to contact our office at 702-651-4327 or Contact Us via email if you have questions.

Employment Awards

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CSN will offer a Student Employment Award (SEA) prior to the start of an academic year. The offer is based on several factors:

  • Valid FAFSA information received by the priority filing deadline       (March 1 of each year);
  • FAFSA question “Interested in Work Study” answered “Yes;”
  • High financial aid need.

Student Employment Award amounts may change for different reasons, such as:

  • When students’ budgets are adjusted to their actual, financial aid eligible, enrollment for the       semester/term;
  • Due to receiving additional Grant and/or Scholarship awards during the academic year;
  • When a Federal Direct Loan is accepted;
  • When employment begins after the term/semester has started.

Students who are offered the Student Employment Award will receive an Award Notification via email showing the amount of aid – including the Student Employment Award – awarded. A second email will follow from the Office of College Work Study with information for accepting the award and finding employment at CSN. Both emails are also copied to students’ MyCSN Communication Center.

The Student Employment Award is not a guarantee of employment.

Funding Requests

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Students who did not receive a Student Employment Award offer, or have previously declined the Student Employment Award, can Contact Us via email to request Work Study funding. Please include name and NSHE ID.

The requests will be maintained for the academic year.

Job Search

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 First time job seekers will need to:

  • Go to  >Menu > Jobs at CSN > Full-time and Part-Time Positions.
  • Search can be narrowed down by selecting from the menu on the left of the screen
        ►Job Category ‘Hourly’ and
        ►Job Type ‘Student (Fixed Term)’.

Currently employed/returning students:

Currently employed students looking to change place of employment must apply from within Workday:

  • Type “find jobs” into the Search Bar in the top left of the Home screen.

Please be aware that only students who have accepted the Student Employment Award offered to them are eligible to apply for open College Work Study positions.

To Apply

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In order to apply for a position, click on the yellow ‘Sign In’ button in the top right of the screen and select “Create Account.” Follow the instructions provided. Once signed in, you can choose how to apply at the bottom of the advertised position.

Please note

  • ALL documentation listed under Required  
       Attachment(s) must be submitted to be 
       considered for employment.
  • Information about creating a Cover Letter and a     Resume is available on the Internet.
  • The (revised) Award Notification can be                downloaded from your MyCSN Communication       Center as a PDF and then attached to your             application.  A screenshot is also acceptable.

If you are being considered for a position, the hiring supervisor will make contact via phone or email to set up an interview appointment.

The Hire Process

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The hire process involves you, the hiring department’s supervisor, and the CSN Human Resources (HR) Office.

  • The hiring department will contact you via your     CSN student email.
  • HR will post to your Workday inbox.

All potential CSN employees are required to pass a background check, and are subject to I-9 (Right to Work and Identity) verification.

You will not begin to work until:

  • All employment documents are signed; and
  • Your I-9 process has been completed; and
  • The first day of the semester/term of employment, or
  • The date of the "May Work" email issued by the CWS Office.

The Rehire Process

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After Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) has been calculated for all students after the end of the current semester, the CWS Office asks all hiring departments to submit the names of the current employees they wish to rehire for the following semester.

The CWS Office reviews all eligibility criteria and provides the resulting information to the CWS supervisors. The employee is copied in this email. Hiring department supervisors will extend the end date of the existing CWS employment for eligible student employees.




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Employment under the CWS program begins and ends with each academic semester.

  • Your supervisors will arrange for you to:
  • have a work email address;
  • Receive FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) 
  • Receive Sexual Harassment Prevention Training;
  • Have access to computer system and software required for 
  • Know your responsibilities and the department’s 
  • Have your work scheduled around your classes;
  • Receive training to complete assigned tasks;
  • Be mentored in office and customer service skills.
  • If time off work is needed to prepare for academic activities such as tests or special 
       projects, adequate notice (at least 3 working days) must be given.  Departments may, but  
       are not required to, let employees make up lost work time.
  • You may never work during scheduled class time.  If a class has been cancelled, you must       provide written confirmation from the department or the instructor if you wish to work.


Work Time and Payroll Processing

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Students check in and out for work and mandatory unpaid break times in Workday.  They must use the Time Type reflecting their current Work Study Award (see below).  In addition, departments have secondary sign in/sign out processes in place that must be followed.

Mandatory breaks:

  • 15 minutes paid break time for every 4 
        consecutive hours worked;
  • Unpaid break of 30 minutes if you are at work  
        more than 6 consecutive hours;
  • Unpaid break 1 hour if you are at work more than        8 consecutive hours.

CWS Student employees may not work more than 8 hours in a day, and no more than the weekly hours posted in the Job Recruitment. Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the CSN Human Resources Office and a copy of the authorization must be provided to the student’s supervisors.

Pay periods and pay days:

  • 1st thru 15th of a month, with pay day on the 25th of the same month;
  • 16th thru 31st or earlier last day of a month, with pay day on the 10th of the following 

If the pay day falls on a weekend or holiday, pay will be issued on the last business day prior.

It is the employees’ responsibility to submit time worked to the supervisor for review and approval in a timely manner.

You must use the Time Type corresponding with your work study award when you check in via Workday:

Award                                                                       Time Type

Federal Work Study                                                   FW Work Study Program

Federal Work Study Community Service                    FC Work Study Program

Federal Work Study America Reads                           AR Work Study Program

Silver State Regent Work Award                                RG Work Study Program



If you have questions about College Work Study, please contact us via email or by phone at the numbers listed below.


Office of College Work Study

Location:       North Las Vegas Campus, Building E Room E120A
                     Log into CoyoteQ “Financial Aid”

Email:           Contact Us (Please include your NSHE ID in your email.)

Phone:           702.651.4327 or 702.651.4318

Hours:           Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm


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