Adult Career and Education Services (ACES)

In 2020, the new ACES program was implemented across the Las Vegas Valley! Classes start year-round and are provided at no or low cost to qualifying students.

ACES not only educates students, we also provide them with valuable training, certifications, and experience they need to be successful. The following courses are tailored to, and constantly informed by, the needs of today's workforce.

My-Path: Career and College Preparation

  • The MyPath Career and College Preparation curriculum is taught in-person the first 2-weeks of each class. MyPath Career and College Preparation curriculum focuses on educational and workplace skills to help you succeed in our program. This curriculum is provided to all new ESL, HSE and I-BEST students. Attendance is required.

English as a Second Language-ESL (Vocational)

  • This class teaches Intermediate-to-Advanced English literacy skills to non-native English-speaking students, with the goal of preparing them to work in specific high-demand occupations. The first 2-weeks are taught in-person. Attendance is required.

High School Equivalency-HSE (Vocational)

  • These classes are for:
    • students who have yet to complete their high school education,
    • students who have completed their high school education but still have basic skill deficiencies,

HSE Classes provide the necessary education to complete an HSE, while also providing vocational training in specific high-demand occupations. The first 2-weeks are taught in-person.  Attendance is required.

I-BEST (Integrated HSE Education & Training)

  • I-BEST classes provide students with the necessary education to complete their HSE. At the same time, I-BEST students receive vocation-specific training and certifications in specific high-demand occupations such as: HVAC Technicians, Certified Nursing Assistants, Dialysis Technicians, Construction Trades, Cyber-Security and more.

ACES promotes lifelong learning, job readiness, and workforce excellence through responsive, relevant education and job training programs that address the needs of Southern Nevada's employers and its diverse communities.

GED and HiSET High School Equivalency-HSE (Vocational)
Adult Career Education Services (ACES)
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English as a Second Language-ESL (Vocational)
Adult Career Education Services (ACES)
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