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College Prep

The College of Southern Nevada is committed to student success. In order to prepare students for the rigors of academics, the various departments of the college are working to develop tools and guides to support student degree completion. At CSN we are constantly working to improve and adjust our curriculum and class schedules to help students achieve success.

Algebra Refresher

Due to the current in-person restrictions for classes during the coronavirus crisis, Algebra Refresher is being suspended and may be reactivated in Spring 2021. This may be further affected by future developments. However, there is an immediately available remote option for math placement and advancement that we recommend to all College of Southern Nevada students.

The Department of Mathematics has created a combined placement and math remediation option that uses the same Aleks Learning Path that Algebra Refresher uses. This option is free to CSN students and will allow the students to use the online learning tool for 12 months and to take the placement test from home up to five times.