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Motorcycle Safety

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Founded in 1983 by Ken Kiphart and Rod Hahn, the Motorcycle Safety Program began by conducting, on average, one class a month. Under the direction of dedicated Program Managers Ken Kiphart, Roger Fox and currently Laurie Sanders the program has instructed tens of thousands of riders in Southern Nevada. Our curriculum has been designed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation; and CSN has an outstanding group of experienced Rider Coaches to help you achieve your dream of riding or improving your riding experience. All Rider Coaches at CSN are certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and are licensed by the State of Nevada.

The following is required for participation in all Motorcycle classes offered at CSN: Full or ¾ Face Helmet, Eye protection, Full fingered gloves, long sleeved shirt, sturdy pants and sturdy over the ankle boots with grippy soles.

CSN offers three different classes to meet the different experience levels of our students.

Introduction to Motorcycling

If this is your first exposure to motorcycles this class is for you.  MSF calls it Introductory to Motorcycle Experience we call it Introduction to Motorcycle Operation!  In this 2-hour class you will learn the different controls of a motorcycle, the method for starting and stopping the engine, the use of a foot shifter, hand operated clutch and throttle, and some of the motorcycle specific language all your riding friends use! This class is a primer for the BRC, at the end of the class you receive a certificate for participating.  This is not a learn to ride class nor a license waiver class.

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Basic Rider Course I

Are you a new or returning rider without a motorcycle? Then this is the course for you. In the BRC I you'll learn the fundamentals and develop your physical and mental capabilities to become a safer and more responsible motorcyclist. The class consists of a 5-hour e course where you will be introduced to concepts to assist you to manage risk and become a rider of good character.  The e course must be completed before the first day of riding.  During the on-cycle portion Rider Coaches will assist you to improve your braking, swerving and cornering skills. After successfully completing the course, you will receive a completion card.  The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) accepts this card as a license testing waiver, so you can obtain your motorcycle endorsement.

Learn more and register for Basic Rider Course I here.

Basic Rider Course II - Experienced

If you already own a motorcycle, and are in good control of the machine then, this is the course for you. The BRC II is a one full day class. There is an e course component that must be completed before the class and a preliminary qualifying skill check at the beginning of the riding exercises. This course will put you through both physical and mental, skill building exercises.  After successfully completing the course, you will receive a completion card. Successful completion requires completion of the e course and passing a riding skill evaluation.  Nevada DMV will accept this card as a license testing waiver, so you can obtain your motorcycle endorsement and ride legally! Things you will need in addition to the items listed for all classes: your own street legal motorcycle, proof of Insurance where your name is on the policy as an insured rider, current registration, and Driver’s License. Special Note: Students lacking basic skills will be identified early in the course and dismissed, without refund. If you're not sure, consider registering in the Basic Rider Course I.

Learn more and register for Basic Rider Course II - Experienced here.

Advanced Riders Course

Looking to improve your skills and maybe a bit of a challenge? The ARC is for you!  Yes speeds are faster but it isn’t speed we are looking for, its control.  Control of your bike, your mind, your emotions, and yourself. What is important to you? How well do you really know yourself? Do your behaviors and attitude align with your values? When you ride how smooth can you be? Are you riding with control all the time? This course helps think about those questions while you experience things on your bike you may not notice when traffic and road issues have your attention. Coaches guide you to try different techniques and steering inputs that normal riding does not always require but when the ride does you will be glad you practiced!

This is a one-day class that combines range exercises with discussions to improve braking, cornering and self awareness.  Activities may be done in a classroom or on the range depending on the weather.

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