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Business Development

Business Development offers a variety of pathways designed to increase one's skill levels and assist with employment and/or career changes. Our career and educational pathways are career-focused and can be customized to meet the diverse needs of employers in Southern Nevada.

Did you know CSN offers customized training solutions:

  • CSN’s Division of Workforce and Economic Development can help businesses create customized training solutions so their employees – and their company – can thrive.
  • Customized options for entrepreneurs and business owners in our short-term training.
  • CSN’s Division of Workforce and Economic Development customized training solutions are focused solely on the skill needs of the employer.

Benefits to Upskilling:

* Increased Team Performance * Increased Efficiency
* Improve quality of work * Improved Operations Safety
* Maximize Profits * Employee Retention
* Close Skill Gaps * Create Employee Growth Plans
* Attract Talent * Career Advancement

Ask us about how to apply for grants to upskill your incumbent workers!

Industry Customized Training

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Enhance your organization with customized programs developed to elevate the skills of your employees and increase productivity and performance. We can provide unique research about the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the Southern Nevada workforce and support your organization through assessments and customized training. We partner with business and industry, non-profit organizations, and government agencies to build the workforce of Southern Nevada.

Workforce Analysis and Development are vital components to agencies looking to maintain, attract, and develop a competent workforce. Unprepared agencies face a difficult task when the time comes to implement new technology or fulfill new business requirements. Customized training and assessment can help meet new objectives that employ strategic workforce analysis and development for your organization. This is a continuous process in function and helps to determine what workforce skills are necessary to effectively expand, reduce, or restructure professional development in business, agencies, and human resources.

Support and Development for Business:

  • Customized training to enhance workforce efficiency and productivity
  • Activities and teaching options for online training or utilizing other technology to customize employee development
  • Build company certification with CSN or utilize standing US national certifications
  • Assist in partnerships with local agencies to locate skilled employees
  • National Career Readiness Certification utilizing WorkKeys skills assessment on math, reading, and locating information

Support and Assessment for Agency:

  • Provide data on workforce competency levels and assess client skills
  • Assist to develop job readiness skills and provide training on industry education standards of employment
  • Identify employees and connect clients with certification training
  • National Career Readiness Certification utilizing WorkKeys skills assessment on math, reading, and locating information

Support and Management for Human Resource Professionals:

  • Customized assessments to target learning materials needed to determine current and future workforce profile
  • Information on labor trends and data on the workforce of Southern Nevada
  • Implement solutions to reduce shortages and surpluses in the number of staff and needed skills
  • Customized human resource management for flexible employee development

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Veronica Meraz
Business Development Coordinator, DWED