The School of Arts and Letters allows students to explore a little bit of everything, including foreign language and culture, literature, fine arts and communication, whether oral or written. They often end up discovering a whole new world within themselves.

Whether their interest is in improving a skill for work, expanding their sensibilities about art, or preparing for transfer to a four-year institution, the school provides a myriad of options to choose from. We want students to understand and value their cultural and intellectual heritages and those of others. We hope to foster an appreciation for lifelong learning, which helps students be prepared for changing work environments and encourages them to knowledgeably and responsibly contribute to society.

Browse our department list above to learn about all we have to offer. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Lester Tanaka

Interim Dean
Room 254, Building E
Charleston Campus

Administrative Assistant
Carl-Jon Chun
Room 254, Building E
Charleston Campus

Contact one of our counselors directly or schedule a counseling appointment HERE.

Academic Counselors
North Las Vegas Campus
Janelle Benedetti
Room 243, Building E

Eric Lee
Room 121J, Main Horn Wing

Da'Lonie Washington
Room 121J, Main Horn Wing

Charleston Campus
Amy Palmer
Room 213, Building E

Erik Proctor
Room 249, Building E