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Welcome to the Department of World Languages. We're here to support and enrich your study of languages and cultures through a variety of courses and programs designed to increase your ability to engage in a global society and competitive workforce. We offer the following language courses and programs.

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Prerequisite Information

Deaf Studies Program

The Deaf Studies Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree program is the initial pathway to advanced degrees in other areas of specialization including interpreting. This program offers students opportunities to learn American Sign Language, Deaf culture, history, and linguistics. Skills acquired can be directly applicable to careers in social work, education, healthcare, and many other sectors wanting to reach a unique population.

Latin American and Latin American Latina/o Studies

The Latin American and Latin American Latina/o Studies program and Associate of Arts (AA) degree offers students an interdisciplinary course of studies that examines the rich and varied cultures of Latinos in the United States and Latin America. Students completing these courses will be prepared to meet the challenges of the changing needs in shifting local, national, and international communities.

World Languages Program

The World Languages Program helps students become proficient in a foreign language in order to prepare them for transfer to a four-year institution. Our program offers an associate of arts degree that can be customized with courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, RussianSpanish, and Portuguese.

Students who become fluent in a foreign language can seek employment as educators or translators as well as possible careers in international business.