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Department of Communication

The Department of Communication prepares students for a world where their communication skills will drive all forms of social interaction. Many employers rank effective communication skills as the top requirement for their employees. We provide students with a foundation in communication theory and practice that will help them in their personal and professional lives. Our diverse faculty will guide students through courses ranging from public speaking and film criticism to working in print media, public relations or advertising. In the end, our students leave us well prepared for transfer to a four-year institution and the job market.

Communication functions as the central component in all forms of social interaction.  The mission of the Department of Communication is to provide students with a foundation in communication theory and practice that prepares them with effective communication skills to enhance their academic, personal, and professional lives.  Students are encouraged to focus on either Communication or a Journalism/Media Studies emphasis.  The faculty of the Department of Communication is comprised of individuals with diverse professional and academic experiences.  They reflect various disciplinary and scholarly interests and utilize a wide range of instructional pedagogy that facilitates students' various learning styles.

The Department of Communication seeks to strengthen student understanding and competence across five areas:

  • Oral Communication: Students learn to speak, listen and analyze effectively the role of communication in their academic and professional lives.
  • Critical Thinking: Through research, organization, and analytical/argumentative development, students sharpen their critical thinking abilities.
  • Diversity: Utilizing audience analysis, classroom interactions, and contemporary curriculum, students develop the skills to communicate effectively in a diverse world.
  • Life Enhancement: Communicating theoretical concepts into practical application.  Examples include interpersonal skills, conflict management, leadership styles, and public speaking.
  • Technology: Students become familiar with electronically mediated communication which is essential in today's society.

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