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Annual Assessment Reports:

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  • General Education Core SLO Report
  • Program (degree and/or Certificate) SLO Report
  • SLO Action Plan for Improvement

Three Year Assessment Plan:

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  • General Education Core Assessment
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  • Program (degree and/or certificate) Assessment

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Last updated May 2, 2016

CSN is committed to student learning and the highest quality of educational experiences that align with our mission, vision, and values. The CSN Office of Assessment is committed to promoting learner-centered assessment practices.

The purpose of assessment is to investigate how well we are fulfilling our educational mission and to make data-driven decisions.

Our primary task is to identify student learning outcomes, to teach and assess the outcomes with the goal of increasing student learning and to provide evidence that students are learning.

By creating, supporting, and sustaining a culture of assessment, CSN commits to continuous intentional improvement to advance student success.

The Office of Assessment Provides

  • Comprehensive support for outcome assessment and evaluation activities that document evidence-based achievement indicators supporting the core themes: access, diversity, quality, and student success
  • Direct support for institutional efforts related to strategic planning, academic program evaluation, and collaborates regularly with Institutional Research
  • Collaborative support for institutional and programmatic assessment activities related to external regional, professional, and specialized programmatic accreditation requirements

 The Office of Assessment Assists

  • Faculty and staff with teaching and learning strategies and the assessment of student learning through ongoing professional development
  • Academic support units with strategies that focus on continuous improvement of student learning, access to and quality of offerings, diversity in support services provided to students, stakeholders, and the community

Office of Assessment Outcomes

  • Cultivate a culture of learner-centered assessment at CSN
  • Evaluate outcomes and achievement indicators for all CSN academic units and academic support units that impact student learning
  • Compile evidence-based data from academic unit assessment outcomes to determine if CSN is achieving its core theme objectives
  • Disseminate assessment results with educational stakeholders to gain insight and improve learning at CSN

The Office of Assessment facilitates meaningful conversations with faculty, staff, and administration on learner-centered education through CSN’s Academic Assessment Committee.

The Academic Assessment Committee

  • The Academic Assessment Committee is comprised of faculty, staff and administrators representing each academic unit or academic support unit involved with student learning.
  • The purpose of the Committee is to promote the highest quality of student learning and educational experiences. The Committee meets several times per semester.

The Office of Assessment Committee is Charged With

  • Advising the Director of Assessment relating to institutional and programmatic assessment needs
  • Serving as a resource to facilitate planning, implementation and evaluation of assessment plans and reports within academic units
  • Evaluating academic unit assessment plans and reports
  • Providing direction in advancing the assessment culture
  • Ensuring campus-wide communication relating to assessment

The Board of Regents requires that an appropriate plan of regular student educational assessment be developed by each institution. Plans should be based upon institutional mission and should be developed with multiple assessment approaches (Section 12. NSHE Policy on Student Assessment, Rev. 264 (03/15) Title 4, Chapter 14, Page 9).

The Office of Assessment has adopted an assessment process plan that includes the identification of appropriate outcomes, employment of direct measures of assessment, implementation of assessment activities, assessment of progress, identification of improvement actions, and dissemination of results.

Assessment Process

All academic units participate in the planning and reporting process. Through the use of direct evidence of student performance or Academic Unit activities, data is collected and reviewed for indicators that lead to continuous improvement opportunities. Academic Units report annually the status of outcomes achievement and results are shared in an Office of Assessment Annual Executive Summary posted online.

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