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  • Note: IS 115 has been renumbered to CIT 129.

Cybersecurity at CSN

Cloud Computing at CSN

Motivation and Dedication Pay Off

Networking and Software Lab Hours

Networking/Cisco Lab, Spring 2024

The Open Labs at North Las Vegas, West Charleston, and Henderson will be open for you to visit if you need to take a final exam or even just visit to get some assistance with any CIT (including Windows) or CSCO classes. Lab monitors are there to help.

Location and hours of operation (January 16 to May 12)

  • North Las Vegas campus: room A-2726
    • Monday–Thursday: Noon to 6:00 PM
    • Saturday: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • West Charleston campus: room C-116
    • Monday–Thursday: 1:00 to 6:00 PM
  • Henderson Campus: room C-118
    • Wednesday–Friday: 12:30 to 6:00 PM

Students may contact the Network Lab located at NLV campus during lab hours at 702-651-2798.

Software Lab, Spring 2024

The Software lab will be virtual and be conducted via Canvas and Discord. It will be available starting on 16 January 2024.

Many CIT department courses have embedded tutors. For these courses, your instructor will let you know about the tutoring services. The Centers for Academic Success (CAS) may also provide one-to-one tutoring. For more information, visit the CAS webpage.

Opportunities for Industry Certifications

Prepare for Industry Certifications

∼ while working on your AAS Degree or Certificate of Achievement

The CIT Department at the College of Southern Nevada offers many courses to help you prepare for industry-recognized certifications: Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft, Oracle, and more. These courses will also fulfill requirements for AAS Degrees and Certificates of Achievement. Various certifications and their associated preparatory courses are presented on this page. All courses are 3 credits unless noted otherwise.

The course material of each class can serve only as a guide to the specific topics covered in the certification exams. Passing these classes does not guarantee that you will pass the certification exams. Additional review and practice will be required to achieve the mastery of the concepts and skills needed to pass the exams.

(If you already hold current versions of these industry certifications, you may wish to use them to petition for Non-Traditional Educational (NTE) credit for relevant courses required for AAS degrees or Certificates of Achievement. Specific rules, procedures, and limitations apply. See the Alternative Credit Options section in the online 2023–2024 General Catalog, Admission Information for details. Scroll down to find the “Non-Traditional Education (NTE)” section.)

CIT Degrees, Certificates of Achievement and Skills Certificates

New  Certificate of Achievement for  Fall  2023

Degree Sheets for 2023-2024

Computer Science

AA Degree - Computer Science

Certificate of Achievement - Computer Science

For more information about the Computer Science major, contact Eve Taghva at (702) 651-3148.

(Find Catalogs from previous years.)

Cyber Security

AAS Degree in CIT - Cyber Security - Compliance

AAS Degree in CIT - Cyber Security - Digital Forensics

AAS Degree in CIT - Cyber Security - Network Security

Certificate of Achievement in CIT - Cyber Security - Digital Forensics

For more information about these AAS Degrees and the Certificate of Achievement, contact Arthur Salmon at (702) 651-4791.

(Find Catalogs from previous years.)


AAS Degree in CIT - Networking - Cloud Systems Administration

AAS Degree in CIT - Networking - Network  Administration

Certificate of Achievement in CIT - Networking - Cloud Systems Administration

For more information about these AAS Degrees and the Certificate of Achievement, contact Karen Ahern at (702) 651-4559.

(Find Catalogs from previous years.)


AAS Degree in CIT - Software - Database

AAS Degree in CIT - Software - Programming

AAS Degree in CIT - Software - Web Development

For more information about these AAS Degrees, contact Eve Taghva at (702) 651-3148.

(Find Catalogs from previous years.)

Information Management - a pathway to a Bachelors Degree in Applied Science

Certificate of Achievement in CIT - Information Management - Network Infrastructure Analyst

Certificate of Achievement in CIT - Information Management - Software Analyst

Certificate of Achievement in CIT - Information Management - Virtual Computing Analyst

These three Certificates of Achievement are accepted as the 3rd year of study at institutions that articulate a joint Bachelors of Applied Science degree with College of Southern Nevada.

For more information about these three Certificates of Achievement, contact Naser Heravi at (702) 651- 5559.

(Find Catalogs from previous years.)

Skills Certificates

Skills certificates are intended to provide preparation necessary to take state, national, and/or industry recognized certification or licensing examinations. Some may also serve as a stack-able credential within existing associate degree tracks. Skills Certificates are less than 30 credit hours and are narrower in focus than Certificates of Achievement. Please note that while Skills Certificates provide the instruction and training, CSN does not guarantee a student will pass the intended certification or licensing exam.

Upon successful completion of all degree requirements, any Skills Certificates completed will appear at the end of the final semester on the transcript. However, diplomas are not issued for Skills Certificates.

Skills Certificate - Cisco Certified Network Associate

Skills Certificate - Cisco Certified Network Professional

Skills Certificate - CompTIA A+ and Network+

Skills Certificate - CompTIA Project+

Skills Certificate - CompTIA Security+

Skills Certificate - Microsoft Cloud Specialist

Skills Certificate - Red Hat Linux System Administrator

Academic Advising

For information about academic advisors, go to https://www.csn.edu/advising.

See directions for scheduling Advising appointments.

Courses Offered by the CIT Department

Note the following recent changes:

  • Computer Forensics (CF) courses have become CSEC courses.
  • IS 115 - Introduction to Programming has been renumbered as CIT 129 - Introduction to Programming
  • CIT 148 - Beginning Python Programming has been renumbered and renamed as CS 138 - Programming for Data Science I
  • CIT 248 - Advanced Python Programming has been renumbered and renamed as CS 238 - Programming for Data Science II

The CIT Department offers courses in six disciplines.

Click or tap the discipline prefix below (in parentheses) to see the associated course descriptions in the College Catalog.

Computing & Information Systems (CIT)

Computer Science (CS)

Cisco (CSCO)

Cybersecurity (CSEC)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Information Systems (IS)

Textbook Information

Find textbooks for your classes

There is a bookstore on each of three main campuses. In general,

  • books assigned for classroom-based classes are sold in the bookstore on the campus where the class is offered
  • books assigned for online classes are sold in the North Las Vegas bookstore
  • if a class is offered on multiple campuses and online, you may find the books for the class in any of the bookstores

There is a separate phone number and webpage for each bookstore:

You can visit the bookstores to select and purchase your books. You can look up textbooks through each bookstore's online search application. This application also allows you to purchase your books online for delivery to your home or for pickup at the bookstore.

To access the online search application, use the link above to the appropriate bookstore.

  • In the main menu of the bookstore, select Textbooks.
  • Enter the following information from drop-down lists:
    • Term (the semester, Fall 2022, for example)

For each course you are taking, fill in the following using the drop-down lists:

  • Department (the course prefix: CIT, CS, CSCO, CSEC, GIS, and IS for courses offered in the CIT Department)
  • Course (the course number. The drop-down list includes classes offered on that specific campus and online classes.)
  • Section (the section number. The drop-down list will include sections offered on that specific campus and all online sections of that course.)
    • If your section is not there, you may have chosen the wrong campus bookstore.

Click the FIND MATERIALS button

The books for your listed courses and sections will be displayed.

If a book is listed as Recommended, the book is optional. Check with the instructor to find out how it will be used in the class.

If you wish to purchase the book through the application, add it to the shopping cart

If you have already signed up for classes, you can view a customized list of all the textbooks assigned for your classes.

  • Log into MyCSN
  • On the Enroll tab, select the option my class schedule.
  • Look for Bookstore - Buy Books for your Classes.
  • Click the Buy Books button to see a list of books for your classes.
  • You can purchase your books online through the bookstore's application.
Emeriti Faculty and Colleagues Remembered

Emeriti Faculty

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Professor Emeritus

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Professor Emerita

In Memoriam

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Mitzi WARE
Professor, 1997-2010
Mitzi's Sabbatical Report

Faculty and Staff

Naser Heravi Department Chair (702) 651-5559 Send email
Karen Ahern Program Director: Networking (702) 651-4559 Send email
Arthur Salmon Program Director: Cybersecurity (702) 651-4791 Send email
Eve Taghva Program Director: Software (702) 651-3148 Send email
Mark Taormino Program Director: Digital Literacy (702) 651-5452 Send email
Jonathan Barrett Admin Assistant II (702) 651-4376 Send email
Arlene Menezes Admin Assistant III (702) 651-5975 Send email
Franz BeltranDevelopment Technician II(702) 651-2962Send email
Steve Romero Development Technician III (702) 651-4914 Send email
Aaron SchorzmanDevelopment Technician II(702) 651-2964Send email
Andrea BloomCC Instructor(702) 651-2966Send email
Scott Beckstrand CC Professor (702) 651-4464 Send email
Scott Brim CC Professor (702) 651-4176 Send email
David Brodersen CC Professor (702) 651-3151 Send email
Walter Choi CC Instructor (702) 651-4404 Send email
Michael Connolly CC Professor
(702) 651-3045
Send email
Patricia Dreven
CC Professor
(702) 651-5950
Send email
Guy ImperialCC Instructor(702) 651-4904Send email
Jay Jackson
CC Instructor (702) 651-2862 Send email
Lata Koneru
CC Professor
(702) 651-5571
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Kevin Mess
CC Professor
(702) 651-3049
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Lily Morningstar
CC Professor
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Mahima Pandey
CC Professor
(702) 651-4850
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Diane Pannell
CC Professor
(702) 651-4594
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Prakash Phalke
CC Professor
(702) 651-7492
Send email
James Pristas
CC Instructor
(702) 651-7959
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Kaleshwar Rao
CC Professor
(702) 651-5789
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Larry Rodis
CC Professor
(702) 651-4887
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Joseph Ryan
CC Professor
(702) 651-4995
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Lori Scheuerman
CC Instructor
(702) 651-5514
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Lina Shoshani
CC Instructor
(702) 651-5420
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Michael Sthultz
CC Professor
(702) 651-4691
Send email
Rekha SubramanianCC Instructor(702) 651-4951Send email
Margaret Taylor
CC Professor
(702) 651-2631
Send email
Connie Toney-Jackson
CC Professor
(702) 651-5485
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