We offer courses that result in degrees in English and Creative Writing, as well as those that prepare students to excel in virtually every area of study. In addition, we offer courses in technical writing, composition, literature, Academic and Life Success (ALS), and College Reading. The department supports The Red Rock Reader, a national literary publication, and Neon Dreams, the student publication produced by the English Creative Writing Club.

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Academic Counseling:

Current students with declared majors can schedule a counseling appointment here.

Co-Requisite English Composition Courses (5 Credits):

If you place into or select English 100 (5cr) or ENG 110 (5cr), be prepared to explore rhetorical processes, emphasizing voice, audience, register, and purpose of writing. You will learn how to adapt your writing in different genres for different audiences. You will also receive an extensive background in strategies of planning, drafting, and revising for thesis-driven essays. In order to provide extra support to help you master those processes, most sections have embedded tutors and other additional support to assist in your college-writing success!

English 110 is equivalent to English 101 and students can choose to go on to English 114 (Composition II for International and Multilingual Students) or into English 102 after completing the course. English 110 is taught by an instructor with expertise in working with speakers of English-as a-second or additional language, so you can receive more tailored feedback on the linguistic aspects (vocabulary, grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation, and capitalization) of your writing. In addition, this course will develop and support college reading skills.

English 110 is equivalent to English 100 and those who pass English 110 move directly into English 114 or English 102. 

If you require additional English language support and preparation from CSN’s ESL program.

For more information / schedule a test:
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Email: esltesting@csn.edu
Phone: 702-651-5736 or 702-651-4475