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Placement/Testing Services

NSHE Title 4, Chapter 16 p4 Rev. 291 (9/20) requires the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) and other NSHE colleges to help degree-seeking students who met the English college readiness assessment criteria to complete transfer-level courses or co-requisite course that do not exceed more than six units.

Placement services are available for potential CSN students, at no cost, at the three main campuses. CSN uses the Guided Self-Placement survey for English placement and ALEKS PPL for the Math placement tests. All new CSN degree/certificate-seeking or transfer students must complete the respective placement requirements or present an alternate placement method.

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CSN Professor/Instructor Exams/Online Classes:

Proctor Exams are now done on an Appointment Basis. During peak times we may be limited on appointment times.

Instructions for Students:

You may make an appointment online at the CSN Testing Center web site.

You may also walk in, but the wait may be lengthy.

If you want to walk-in, you are advised to do so in the morning hours

Please select the campus you are headed toward for your exam.

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Accuplacer for Other Institutions:

CSN offers the Accuplacer for other institutions. For a Fee students are able to have the Institution set up a Remote Accuplacer Voucher, have the institution send us Log-In information, or use the CSN Accuplacer for a Fee.

Please see Placement Testing for more information.

Please select the campus you are scheduling your Accuplacer exam.

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Tutoring Evaluation Exam:

Please Select the Campus you have discussed with your Department Contact to take the exam.

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