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Health Sciences Limited Entry Programs

What is Limited Entry?

Limited Entry Health Sciences Programs are programs that have a formal application process and limited seating. That is, the program accepts a specific and limited number of learners, you must apply to receive consideration, and only the top-applicants will be selected for entry.  Each program has different requirements that must be met before you can apply.

Selection into a Limited Entry Health Sciences Program is based on a point system.  The more points you have, the greater you chance of being selected for entry into that program.  Please review the program-specific “Selection Criteria” for how and what points are awarded for.

Review the Limited Entry Policy. The policy outlines specific processes and procedures that are adhered to by all Limited Entry Health Sciences Programs.

The Office of Limited Entry Admissions is where applications are submitted, processed, and reviewed for your consideration and possible admission into the Limited Entry Health Sciences Program you have chosen.

ATTENTION: You cannot submit a Limited-Entry application unless all program prerequisites and requirements have been met.  The Limited Entry Application must include all documents as listed in Limited Entry Admission and submitted on or before the program’s application deadline. Please make sure you know what your specific program requirements are.  Incomplete applications and/or applications submitted late will not be processed.