The Ralph and Betty Engelstad School of Health Sciences is the state’s premier educational provider for our healthcare workforce. We offer degrees and certifications in many different areas, including dentistry, nursing, ophthalmology, veterinary medicine, diagnostics, and rehabilitation and support services.

We have affiliations with more than 350 local businesses and organizations, which gives our students plenty of opportunities to apply skills in hospitals, schools, private clinics and other real-life work settings. Those relationships help potential employers get to know our students, and many of our graduates quickly find jobs in the industry once they graduate.

In the Engelstad School, we challenge and support students as they explore and develop their own pathways to careers in healthcare. If they’re dedicated to improving their skills while contributing to the betterment of their profession and community, this is the right place!

Browse our department list to learn more about our school and contact us if you need assistance.

  • New students wishing to pursue a limited-entry program MUST attend, or have attended, a Health Programs Orientation PRIOR to scheduling an appointment with a Health Programs Advisor. Visit the Health Programs Orientation page for orientation options.
  • Once you have attended an orientation, you can schedule your advising appointment HERE.