Founded in 1983 by part-time instructors Ken Kiphart and Rod Hahn, the Motorcycle Safety Program began by conducting, on average, one class a month. In the intervening decades, the program has instructed tens of thousands of riders in Southern Nevada and has grown tremendously. In 2013, our full-time Specialist, Roger Fox, and our 20 part-time instructors ran 236 classes for 2355 students. Our curriculum has been designed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation; our instructors are certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and are licensed by the State of Nevada.

Basic Rider Course I

Are you a new or returning rider? Then this is the course for you. During this course, you'll learn basic fundamentals and develop your capabilities to become a safer and more responsible motorcyclist. You'll learn both the physical and mental skills for operating a motorcycle. You'll learn how to manage risk and how to develop a good mental riding strategy. You'll also learn how to effectively brake, swerve and corner. The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) waives testing for graduates of this course. After successfully completing the course, you will receive a card to take to Nevada DMV to get your class M license endorsement.

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Basic Rider Course II - Experienced

If you are an experienced motorcyclist, and already own a motorcycle, this is the course for you. Have you been riding motorcycles for a while, but you have no motorcycle driver's license? Do you already have good skills and can ride with good to excellent basic proficiency? Consider enrolling in the Basic Rider Course II. There is a preliminary qualifying skill check at the beginning of the course. This course will put you through skill building exercises; discuss motorcycling, particularly while operating in traffic. It also gives end of course written and riding tests. Nevada DMV will accept this course as a license testing waiver, so you can obtain your motorcycle endorsement and ride legally! Things you will need: Provide your own street legal motorcycle, Proof of Insurance, Current registration, Driver’s License and provide all required riding gear. Special Note: Students lacking basic skills will be identified early in the course and dismissed, without refund. If you're not sure, consider registering in the Basic Rider Course I.

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