The Deaf Studies Program prepares students to interact with the Deaf community in a variety of situations. Students develop a strong understanding of American Sign Language, Deaf culture and history.

American Sign Language is the official visual-gestural language of the American Deaf community. Trending in media and popular culture, ASL is now recognized as one of the most sought after languages to learn. Increasing evidence indicates that learning a second language, specifically a visual language, has multiple benefits supporting cognitive development, early childhood language learning, and communication access for people with special needs and hearing loss.

Learning ASL can transition to a range of unique employment opportunities such as sign language interpreting, counseling, education, administration and social services. Fluency in ASL can also increase access and marketability of your business or industry to the Deaf community.

BAS - Deaf Studies: American Sign Language/English Interpreting

This BAS program is intended for those wishing to become professional sign language interpreters. The program focuses on language (ASL and English) development and cultural studies for the lower-division portion and interpreting in the upper division portion. Students wishing to learn ASL only and not aspire toward a career in interpreting will still be able to earn an AAS degree in Deaf Studies which will prepare them to continue in other fields such as education, counseling, and social work.

Associate degrees offered: - Deaf Studies (AAS) and Deaf Studies: Interpreter Preparation (AAS)


Fall Semester

ASL Level One - AM 145
Survey on Deafness - AM 156
General Education

Spring Semester

ASL Level Two – AM 146
General Education


Fall Semester 

ASL Level Three – AM 147
Fingerspelling One – AM 151
Deaf History -  AM 254
General Education

Spring Semester

ASL Level Four – AM 148
Fingerspelling Two – AM 152
Deaf Culture – AM 253
General Education


Fall Semester

ASL Level Five – AM 149
Structure of ASL – AM 255
Principles and Practices of ASL/English Interpreting – AM 304
General Education

Spring Semester

ASL-English Translation – AM 257
Consecutive Interpreting Applications – AM 306
Observation/Practicum – AM 308
Educational Interpreting – AM 403
General Education


Fall Semester

Simultaneous Interpreting Applications – AM 307
Specialized Interpreting – AM 310
Medical Interpreting – AM 402
Mentorship In Interpreting – AM 404

Spring Semester

Artistic Interpreting – AM 401
Advanced Interpreting – AM 309
Capstone Seminar in Interpreting – AM 405
Internship in ASL Interpreting – AM 450

Additional Information

Challenge Examinations: AM 304, 306, 307,308, 309, 310, 404

Non-Traditional Education Credits: AM 304 and 308 (for RID certified or EIPA 4.0 above)

Interpreter Preparation Program Courses require instructor approval

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