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Computing  & Information Technology Program
Career Outlook

Our program prepares students for careers in the fields of software development, cyber security, information management and networking.

Why Study Computing  & Information Technology at CSN?

Several degrees and certificates are available in each area.

  • Coursework for the Cyber Security degrees/certificate provides the expertise required to investigate computer crime and protect networks from unauthorized access, detect intrusions and mitigate damage.
  • Our degrees in the software emphasis train graduates in database applications, programming, and web development.
  • The networking degrees prepare students for industry certifications that will demonstrate their mastery of networking skills.
  • The Certificates of Achievement in information management help graduates find employment as analysts in network infrastructure, software, and virtual computing.

Depending on the chosen degree, our program will prepare graduates for occupations such as computer forensics investigator, information security manager, software developer, security engineer, network security engineer, IT auditor, network technician, systems administrator, and many others.

Skills Certificates

Many skills certificates are available through this program from CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, and others.