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Department of Computing and Information Technology

The Department of Computing and Information Technology (CIT) offers 2-year AAS degrees which provide education and technical training to prepare students for careers in a variety of high-demand Information Technology (IT) fields.

The department also offers a 2-year AA degree in Computer Science. This is a lower cost option for completing the first 2 years of an undergraduate degree in Computer Science. The 2-year AA degree can be transferred to a 4-year degree program at UNLV or to a Computer Science program at another college or university. A Certificate of Achievement in Computer Science is also available.

Students can earn Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees and Certificates of Achievement in these specialty areas:

  • Cybersecurity:
    • Compliance (AAS)
    • Digital Forensics (AAS and Certificate of Achievement)
    • Network Security (AAS)
  • Networking and IT Support Professional careers:
    • Cloud Systems Administration (AAS and Certificate of Achievement)
    • Network Administration (AAS)
  • Software:
    • Database (AAS)
    • Programming (AAS)
    • Web Development (AAS)
  • Information Management:
    • Network Infrastructure (Certificate of Achievement)
    • Software (Certificate of Achievement)
    • Virtual Computing (Certificate of Achievement)
    • These three Certificates of Achievement offer students a pathway to a Bachelor of Applied Science degree. Students who earn any CIT AAS degree can continue their studies at CSN, earning a Certificate of Achievement in Information Management. This Certificate is accepted as the 3rd year of study at institutions that articulate a joint Bachelor of Applied Science degree with the College of Southern Nevada.

Course work in both the AAS and AA degree tracks provides opportunities to prepare for industry certifications. See Certification Opportunities on CIT-Information webpage.

Classrooms and lab facilities offer hands-on experiences with software and equipment commonly found in industry, particularly in networking and cybersecurity.

The CIT department maintains an online forum providing assistance for students enrolled in courses offered by the department. Students can find out about job opportunities and internships in postings on a department message board. A monthly, online speaker series features different local IT industry professionals to give insider looks at the industry and to answer student questions.

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