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All new Nevada Promise Scholarship applicants are required to complete certain admission and enrollment steps no later than March 1. These events and activities are important for students to learn about Nevada Promise Scholarship eligibility, program details, CSN’s admission process, financial aid options, and college orientation.

Nevada Promise Scholarship Events





Name of the Event

Register to attend name of event on Weekday, Month Day, at XX PM here: URL address


Name of the Event

Register to attend name of event on Weekday, Month Day, at XX PM here: URL address

Need more information?  Email us at csnpromise@csn.edu

How to Access Nevada Promise Virtual Engagement Events

Nevada Promise Events are held online using the Microsoft (MS) Teams Application. To access MS Teams, you must properly download the MS Teams application.

Follow the instructions below,

Download Microsoft Teams

Learn more about Teams

As a CSN student, you have access to a number of digital collaboration tools and one main tool is Office 365 where your CSN Outlook Email is located.

  1. Follow the instructions below, or WATCH THIS VIDEO ON HOW TO SET UP CSN EMAIL & DOWNLOAD MS TEAMS.
  2. Once in your Email, locate the App Launcher at the top left, next to the word Outlook.
  3. Select MS Teams  and download.
  4. When you register to attend a Nevada Promise Event, you will be sent an MS Teams link to use to go to the event online on the date and time registered.

If you have difficulty downloading MS Teams, please email us at Contact Us so we can assist you. We recommend you download the app at least 24 hours in advance of the event.

What to Expect
A couple of important tips for attending Nevada Promise Events:

  1. Participating in a MS Teams event works best on a computer. While you can join MS Teams using your phone and other devices, you may have a better experience if you use a computer that is equipped with a video or webcam.
  2. Click the MS Teams link that will be sent to you in your confirmation email (calendar invitation) after submitting the registration form.
  3. Check-in will start at 10 minutes before the start of the event. Please DO NOT begin a new meeting. The event facilitator will initiate the meeting promptly 10 minutes prior to the event. You will click “Join” to enter the meeting.
  4. When you enter the event, we highly recommend turning your video camera on, so that we can see you and welcome you to the event!
  5. Come ready to ask your questions! You can enter questions in the chat feature.
  6. If you are a student, we encourage you to have your parent or family join you so they can obtain information on how to support you while in college.
  7. At the end of the presentation, you can leave your email in the chat area to schedule an appointment with a member of the team, as needed.