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Community Partnership Opportunities

The Promise Program provides a wonderful opportunity for students to create lasting connections with our community and give back through service. There are many ways to get involved.


We are looking for community partners to schedule virtual mentor recruitment information sessions, mentor trainings, or to distribute information within their companies/organizations.

If you want to become a Promise mentoring partner, please contact our office for more information at promise including “Promise Partner” at the start of the message or call 702.651.7500 today for more information.

Share Community Service Opportunities:

As part of the eligibility requirements, students need to complete and report eight hours of community service per semester. The service requirements begin when they are in high school and continue through college. We are looking for additional partners to provide community service opportunities for our students.

Please email our office at promise with “Promise Service” included in the message or call 702.651.7500 today for more information.

Financial Contributions:

To learn how you can make a difference or discuss how your gift can be most meaningful to the Nevada Promise Scholars, visit the CSN Foundation page at visit 

For questions or additional information, contact the Nevada Promise Scholarship team at:
Phone: 702.651.7500
Email Us: promise