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The Testing Center can assist professors with make-up exams and Online course exams with supervised needs.

Instructors and professors need to provide the following information to the Testing Center at least one week in advance of the desired administration date (i.e., one single date) or date range (i.e., one week of testing).

  1. A list of examinees/test-takers with their student ID numbers for identification and test security.
  2. Exam instructions (i.e., total minutes for each administration, other parameters).
  3. If it's a paper/pencil exam, all test materials must be delivered and picked up via secure means (i.e., hand delivery/exchange by staff).
  4. Indication of whether the make-up exam is for a traditional/in-person or online campus course.

Please remind students that they must present valid picture identification (ID) when receiving exam-proctoring services at the Testing Center.

We have a new form to upload exams into RegisterBlast the above information and other instructions are also on the form. Please use the new form from now on.

INSTRUCTIONS for Professors/Instructors:

  1. Fill out this form.
  2. Please provide class Roster(s) with students' names and their NSHE ID number(s).
  3. Please send the exam/test instructions at least one week (5 working days) before the exam start date, and (if paper/pencil exam) printed copies of each exam for the number of students involved through secured means. Note: The Testing Center will not print out.
  4. Allow a reasonable window, at least a one-week window (5 working days), the completion of the exam to enable the testing centers to other academic schedules simultaneously.
  5. Due to Space/Budget complete class exams to Dist. Edu. (Online Campus) Exams ONLY.

Please provide a beginning and end date (Open dates will conclude at the end of the semester)

Please provide a Time Frame for each test. If left blank, the default is 60 min. During our peak times, we will adhere to the schedules strictly.

Please select the method you wish to have your exams returned within the form.

You may pick up or drop off exams during regular Testing Center hours.