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Limited Entry Health Sciences Programs

All learners pursuing a Limited Entry Health Sciences Program must complete the following steps. Failure to complete these steps will result in rejection of your Limited Entry Application.

Step 1: Complete Health Programs Orientation

All students pursuing a Limited Entry Program must complete a Health Programs Orientation (HPO). It is currently offered in person and online.

Online Option: The online HPO takes about 45 minutes to complete and it can be taken at any time at your own pace.
Please click here to access the online orientation.

In Person Option: The in-person HPO lasts approximately an hour and a half and check-in begins 30 minutes prior to the start time. Space is limited due to room capacities so be sure to arrive early.
Please click here to access the orientation schedule.

Step 2: Make An Appointment With The Health Programs Advisor

This appointment is essential to develop a plan of study and to discuss prerequisites, additional general education courses, transfer credits, etc. Appointments are available on all three campuses and can be scheduled online here.

Note: You must attend Health Programs Orientation prior to meeting with a Health Programs Advisor. If you have not attended orientation, your appointment will be canceled.

Step 3: Meet With A Health Programs Advisor Every Semester

It is important to meet with a Health Programs Advisor every semester to review your Individual Program of Study (IPS) and to verify that you have completed all necessary prerequisites before applying to your specified Limited Entry Health Sciences Program.

Step 4: Complete the Limited Entry Workshop

Complete a mandatory Limited Entry Workshop (LEW) prior to submitting your Limited Entry Application and prior to scheduling any appointments with the Limited Entry Coordinator.

To complete the Limited Entry Workshop in person, please visit: Limited Entry Workshop - Schedule.

To complete the Limited Entry Workshop online, please submit a request via email with your full name, NSHE ID#, and email as it is listed in your MyCSN.  NOTE: You must have a current and active Canvas account to participate in the Online LEW.  If your Canvas account is not active, you will be required to participate in the in-person LEW.

Make sure to print the quiz results to submit with your Limited Entry Application.  You must complete a minimum of 8 out of the 10 questions correctly.

NOTE: If all the above-mentioned steps are not completed, your application will not be accepted in the Limited Entry Office, nor will it be considered during the program’s Limited Entry Selection Process.

Step 5: Pay the Limited Entry Application Fee

Log in to MyCSN and pay for the Limited Entry Application. Please read these instructions for more information on how to pay this fee: Limited Entry Application Fee Instructions

Note: An application fee of $20.00 will be required for each Limited Entry Application submitted.

Step 6: Complete and Submit Your Limited Entry Application for Review

Learn more information on the Limited Entry Admissions Process and complete the Limited Entry Application and Policy.

Complete and submit your Limited Entry Application for review prior to the program’s application deadline. You may schedule an appointment with the Limited Entry Coordinator to discuss your application.

Applications must be submitted to the Limited Entry Office one week in advance to your scheduled appointment.  Please be aware of the application deadline for the program you have chosen and submit your application early.

Step 7: Acceptance and Additional Advising

Once you have been accepted into the Health Sciences Program of your choice, please contact the Program Director or designee for additional advising.

Step 8: Not Accepted?

If you were not accepted into the Health Sciences Program of your choice and have questions or concerns, please contact the Limited Entry Programs Coordinator at 702-651-5633 or schedule an appointment to discuss any concerns.


Open Entry Health Sciences Programs

After becoming an admitted student to CSN, register for courses and/or contact the Program Director of the Open Entry Health Sciences Program of interest for advice on program requirements or program completion.

Note: Attending a Health Programs Orientation, meeting with a Health Programs Advisor, and attending the Limited Entry Workshop are not required for Open Entry Health Science Programs.

Health-Related Professions

Central Sterile Technician

Healthcare Documentation Specialist

Medical Assisting

Dental, Diagnostic, & Rehab Services

Dental Assisting

Dental Science

Ophthalmic DispensingOptical Laboratory Technician, Contact Lens Training



Nursing Assistant

Nursing (Medic to LPN)

Nursing (RN to BSN Bridge)

Changed Your Mind?

If after beginning a Health Sciences Program you decide you no longer would like to pursue any Health Science program, please review the following options: