The JUMPSTART CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT PROGRAM is a partnership with the Clark County School District, Nye County and Lincoln County School District, which offers qualified Junior and Senior high school students the opportunity to earn college credits, for a reduced fee, prior to high school graduation.

Qualified Junior and Senior high school students can earn College Credits simultaneously while earning high school credits, for ONLY $50 per course, plus applicable technology fees, per credit.


  • Classes are taught at your high school
  • Offered during normal high school hours
  • By "College Accredited" high school teachers

How does the Jumpstart Concurrent Enrollment Program differ from other Advanced Placement AP classes?

  • Students earn actual academic college credits
  • Students earn transcripted college grades on assessments, not just one high-stakes test
  • Families SAVE money on tuition fees


  • Registration fee is WAIVED
  • Textbooks are FREE to students
  • FREE college services to students

For more information on the Jumpstart Concurrent Enrollment Program, email Nora Mirabal or call 702-651-3179.

To access the Jumpstart Program Application, please login to MYCSN