Placement Tests:

The CSN will be migrated to the Next Generation Accuplacer 11/1/2018, Please see the the PDF of our announcement. Any Classic scores will still be valid up to 2 years after they have been taken.

We offer placement tests for English, math, and reading along with the Chemistry Diagnostic, and institutional placement tests. CSN uses Accuplacer for placement testing. Download the free study app HERE.

Placement testing is done by walk-in for CSN students taking placements for CSN.

Monday -Thursday

8 am - 6 pm

(Students taking both Math and English together must arrive no later than 5 pm)


8 am to 3:15 pm

(Students taking both Math and English together must arrive no later than 3:00 pm)

If you would like to see our Accuplacer cut off chart, Please see the bottom of the page. Or view our Placement Cut off Chart

CSN Retake Policy: The placement tests may be retaken after 2 (two) weeks (or 15 days), but no student may take each test more than two times in a six month period.

All new CSN students are required to take their math, English, and reading placement tests, If you are a current student and have not done them, you are strongly encouraged to do so. You may also use SAT/ACT to place into classes.

Placement tests (for CSN) are free of charge for CSN students for CSN use. If a student wishes to transfer any or all of the placement results to another institution, the cost is $40.00 per transfer. Please select "Request for Duplicate Accuplacer Results" on the right hand side.

If you are a CSN student not residing in Nevada and still wish to take the placement tests, please see the instructions for "Request for Remote Testing (Out of State)" on the right hand side.

For non-CSN students, the cost of each proctored placement test is $40.00. You MUST make an appointment through our online system.



Note for non-CSN students: Your school will have their own Accuplacer account login to their database. Please contact your school for instructions on remote testing.

Visit for help with the math placement test.

English Placement:

The English placement is now two segments: WritePlacer and reading (multiple choice) sections.

English Placement
Prep & Info

Math Placement:

Visit for help with the math placement test. We highly recommend preparing for the placement exam. Please also refer to Math Flow Chart

Math Placement
Prep & Info

Reading Placement:

Reading placement is now a part of the English placement exam. If you have not taken a reading placement and wish to take an English placement, the reading component is automatically assigned to you.

Results are printed at the end of the exam and a copy of the results is given to you when you are finished.

Reading Placement
Prep & Info

Chemistry Diagnostics:

The Chemistry Diagnostics is provided to allow students to go into Chem 121 without taking the Chem 103 prerequisite. It does not, however, cover the math prerequisite for the class. You can retest after six months. This test is a paper based exam and currently not required to make an appointment online.

The test is 45 minutes long with 44 questions. You must get an 22 or higher to meet the prerequisite. You are allowed a scientific calculator, non-graphing, non-programmable on the exam.

For a practice exam, please click here.

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Other Institutional Placement Exams:

We will proctor placement exams for other institutions. The cost of proctoring is $40.00 for placement exams.

Each college/university has varying requirements and placement exams. You will need to contact your institution for information on testing.

Students are responsible for knowing what tests are needed before going to the Testing Center.

You will need to make an appointment through our online system:


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ACT/SAT Scores:

To use ACT/SAT scores to place into classes, the scores must be less than two (2) years old and high enough to place you into classes.

Scores must be presented:

  • In Person
    • Original Document from the Institution (ACT/SAT or Highschool)
    • Un-opened sealed envelope (Either from the Highschool or ACT/SAT)
    • Copies, Pictures, and/or Printouts from the internet are not accepted
  • Fax/Email
    • Must be directly from the High School or Institution
    • Personal Faxes/Emails or through a third party (Non high school/Institution) are not accepted.
  • Internet
    • ACT and SAT have methods to send electronic scores to CSN. These are sent directly to Registration and may take time to process.

For English you must have a score of 480 or higher on your SAT (either the old Critical Reading or the new "Evidence Based Reading and Writing" Score) or an ACT English score of 18 or higher to place into ENG 101.

You can bypass the reading placement component of a course hold by having a 440 SAT in Critical Reading/Evidence based Reading and Writing and/or a score of 18 in Reading on the ACT.

For math you can place into different levels based on your score.

Algebra Refresher ACT 1 - 12 or SAT 0 - 349
Math 093 ACT 13 - 14 or SAT 350 - 374
Math 95 E or Math 93/95 Stretch ACT 15 or SAT 375 - 399
Math 095 ACT 16-18 or SAT 400-449
Math 96/120 ACT 19-20 or SAT 450-474
Math 96/124 or 96/126 Stretch ACT 21 or SAT 475 - 499
Math 122,124,126 ACT 22-24 or SAT 500-549
Math 127,128,132, STAT 152 ACT 25-27 or SAT 550-599
Math 181, 251 ACT 28 + or SAT 600 +

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