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Dual Enrollment Program

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CSN's Dual Enrollment Program is an opportunity for motivated high school students to get a head start on their college education. The Dual Enrollment Program allows high school students to enroll in college courses at CSN in addition to their high school classes, providing students the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. Dual Enrollment courses are taught at a CSN campus by CSN faculty. This guided program is only available through participating high schools.

What is the Dual Enrollment Program?

CSN's Dual Enrollment Program is an opportunity for high school students from participating high schools to enroll in college courses at CSN. Participating high schools collaborate with CSN to align students' academic plans and provide access to courses at a CSN campus taught by CSN faculty. Dual enrolled high school students may also access all resources available to any CSN student.

Who can participate?

The Dual Enrollment Program is open to high school students who attend a participating high school. Students enrolling in English or Math courses must qualify by using ACT, SAT, or CSN Placement Test scores.

For more information on placement testing, click HERE.

What is the difference between the Dual Enrollment Program and Jumpstart Program?

Students participating in the Dual Enrollment Program are taking college courses at a CSN Campus that are taught by CSN faculty for the full rate of tuition and fees. Students participating in the Jumpstart Program are taking college courses that are taught at their high school by high school instructors who have been certified to teach CSN concurrent enrollment courses. Jumpstart courses are offered at a reduced fee.

What is the cost for dual enrollment classes?

The Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents approved a dual enrollment fee schedule effective Fall 2023. Students enrolled in a dual enrollment course(s) and/or the program will not be charged an application fee. CSN’s Dual Enrollment Program will charge $85 per course credit in addition to the technology fee ($10.50 per course credit) and any other special course fees associated with the individual course.

Students on free and reduced lunch (FRL) are eligible for a reduced pricing schedule. The charge is $58 per course credit in addition to the technology fee ($10.50 per course credit) and any other special course fees associated with the individual course.

Discounted rates do not apply to Summer.

Students should refer to their high school regarding tuition payments.

How do I apply?

1. All students participating in the Dual Enrollment Program are required to complete the CSN Admissions Application for High School and Early College Programs. Click HERE to apply. Students will be admitted and will receive their NSHE student ID number within 3-5 days.

2. Once a student has applied and received their NSHE student ID number they will need to validate their CSN student account. After a student has validated their CSN student account, they will be prompted to create a password. This will allow students to log in to GoCSN and access all of their CSN-related apps in one place, including MyCSN, CANVAS, ALEKS, Tutoring, CSN Library, CSN Student Email, and more

Placement Requirements

After students have received their NSHE#, they will need to complete placement requirements if they plan to enroll in English or math courses. Students who do not intend to enroll in English or math courses are not required to complete placement.

The Self-Guided Survey for English Placement and ALEKS for Math are both available remotely. For information on how to complete placement requirements, please visit https://www.csn.edu/placement-testing

ACT and SAT scores within the past two years may also be used for placement purposes. Instructions for submission are as follows:

The CSN Testing Centers will accept SAT and ACT scores for placement in the following forms:

  1. Emailed directly to the CSN Testing Center from the high school
  2. You may scan the copy mailed to your home and email it OR
  3. Order from ACT or SAT to send directly to CSN. This process can take about 4 weeks before the scores are received by the testing center for entry.
Orientation and Advising Sessions

Students attend virtual new student orientation sessions to learn about CSN processes such as account access, software use, and student success resources. Students can access the new student orientation by logging into the GoCSN portal and searching for “New Student Orientation.”

After students have completed their new student orientation, they are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to select courses that are aligned with their college goals after high school. Instructions on scheduling an appointment with an academic advisor can be found at https://www.csn.edu/advising#schedule-appt.

CSN also has a list of Core 15 general education classes for dual enrollment students that they may find helpful when selecting courses: Core 15 Courses.

How do I enroll in courses?

After the advising session, students enroll in their courses through My CSN. As a reminder, students’ login credentials are the same across all CSN accounts. Students can access MyCSN by logging into the GoCSN portal and searching for “MyCSN.”

Students who need assistance in registering for classes can use this guide for assistance or can work with our FYE Coyote Concierge team for help getting registered.

For questions or concerns contact the Dual Enrollment Program Contact Us